Statement on Israeli Recent Crimes

Statement on Israeli Recent Crimes

In the facing of mounting vicious attacks by the Israeli authorities of occupation on the unarmed Palestinian People, the PUIC Secretary General, closely keeps monitoring the situation and exposes to the whole world the magnitude of such crimes. Following is the most recent statement in this regards:

The valiant Palestinian people are facing these days a savage attack by the occupying Zionist enemy which has resulted in the fall of several martyrs, arrest of scores of people, increasing operations of storming into villages, towns and camps, continuing blowing up houses, reprisal attacks by settlers as well as campaigns of intimidation and hooliganism which are carried out under the protection and auspices of the Israeli authorities.  

Palestinian towns, villages and institutions are persistently stormed coupled with continuous detentions and field executions.

In the face of such Israeli escalation, we declare our solidarity with the heroic Palestinian people, and stand by their side in such critical circumstances.

While condemning the crimes perpetrated by the occupation authorities against the unarmed Palestinian people, we call for providing international protection for them from the brutalities of the authorities and the settlers. We also call for urgent international intervention to stop this persistent aggression on the valiant Palestinian people.

We call on parliaments of the world to stand by the side of the Palestinian people, whose suffering has been so prolonged. We request and call on them to condemn the crimes committed by the Israeli authorities and settlers.

17 December, 2018                                                                                                                    Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass                  
 Secretary General


Photo: AFP