General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is the 5th organ of the organization, based in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Secretariat shall be entrusted with the following tasks:
-          Facilitating continued contacts among the members of the Union, between Parliaments and the Union, and the Union with other regional and international organizations and bodies;
-          Financial and administrative affairs of the Union;
-          Preparing subject-matters that will be studied by the Conference and the Council, necessary documents and reports, minutes and correspondence;
-          Maintaining archives of the Union;
-          In forming members of the Union and other relevant bodies of the resolutions, decisions and recommendations adopted by the Conference and the Council;
-          Taking appropriate measures to ensure implementation of decisions of the Union.
The Secretariat is headed by a secretary General who is elected by the Council upon the nomination of members of the Union. His term of Office shall be for a four-year period, renewable only once.
The Secretary General, taking into consideration equitable regional distribution, shall propose to the Council the appointment of Assistant Secretaries General . Directors and other Senior Officials.
The General Secretariat is composed of the following:

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