The Union aims at achieving the following objectives:
Introducing the sublime precepts of Islam and seeking to disseminate them while emphasizing the various characteristics and humanism of the Islamic civilization.
Enhancing and supporting the implementation of the Islamic principle of consultation (Shoora) in all OIC Member States, in accordance with the Constitution and circumstances of each member;
Providing a framework for comprehensive and fruitful cooperation and coordination among parliaments of OIC members in international fora and organizations;
Promoting meeting and dialogue among parliaments of OIC members and their deputies, exchanging parliamentary experience, discussing economic, cultural, social and political issues of interest to the OIC members, and addressing grave challenges and attempts to impose cultural, political and economic domination, and adopting appropriate recommendations and decisions on such issues;
Strengthening contacts, cooperation and coordination with other parliamentary, governmental and non governmental organizations, with the aim of advancing common objectives;
Fostering coordination among peoples of the world in order to respect and defend human rights and humanitarian principles and establishment peace, based on justice.
Confirming that nothing in the present Statute shall authorize the Union or its Organs to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any Member State and whatever is related to these matters in accordance with the OIC Charter and UN Charter.

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