Photo| 14th Session of the PUIC Conference

13-14 March, 2019- Rabat- Kingdom of Morocco

Habib El Malki: Parliamentary Diplomacy Assumes Major Role in Shaping New World Oder

H.E. Mr. El Malki: Expanding economic and financial interactions, and consolidating relations among Muslim countries lead to strengthening coordination and solidarity among countries of the Islamic World.

The Rabat Declaration

The 14th Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member (OIC) and the meetings of the committees and committees of the Union were held at the Parliament House in Rabat between 11 and 14 March 2019.

Hakim Benchamach: Emergence of an Integrated Islamic Bloc

H.E. Mr. Benchamach: The future is for big blocs in all fields, which necessitates revilization and renewal of inter-Islamic, local and regional diplomacy in order to materialize this strategy.


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