The Secretary General Congratulates the Islamic Nation on the Occasion of the Birth of the Prophet

The Islamic World is commemorating these days the noble birth of the Prophet, which was and still is, an occasion to recall the shining life history of our Master and Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh), the seal of the Prophets, Imam of the righteous, and Leader of the valiant believers.

PUIC Secretary General Renews Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On the Anniversary of the Ill-omned Balfour Declaration: the PUIC Secretary General Renews Solidarity with the Heroic Palestinian People

Statement of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union for Anniversary of Balfour Ominous Declaration

Statement Issued by the Presidency of Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union on behalf of the Union, on the occasion of the 102nd Anniversary of the Balfour Ominous Declaration.

Following the Pakistani Train Fire: The PUIC Secretary General Consoles with the Pakistani People

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan witnessed a massive fire on a train last Thursday, killing 75 people and injuring dozens.

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