In Commemoration of the Birth of the Prophet of Mercy: PUIC Secretary General Felicitates the Islamic World

Muslims in all parts of the globe celebrate, during the month of Rabie Awal of every year, the birth of our Master and Prophet Mahammed (pbuh), who has been sent as a mercy to all the universe, Seal of the prophets and Messengers; and the best of all the creation.

Demonstrations, Arab – Islamic Escalation Against Offensive Drawings Insulting to Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh)

Protests have escalated in Arab and Islamic states against insolent attitude to Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh); official and popular calls have increased for boycotting French products.

Following Insults Against Our Prophet: PUIC Secretary General Condemns Offensive Statements

Following Insults Against the Prophet of Mercy: PUIC Secretary General Confirms that such Insults only Add to the Consolidation and Proliferation of Islam..

Meeting of the PUIC Executive Committee Members to Study Covid-19

PUIC Headquarters, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, 19 October, 2020

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