President of the PUIC condemns Israeli crime:

8 April 2018 -  PUIC Desk

H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani, President of the PUIC and Speaker of the Iranian Islamic Parliament, issued a statement condemning the recent crime committed against the Palestinian citizens. The statement reads as follows:
"We vigorously condemn the recent criminal, anti-humanitarian measure taken by the illegitimate, usurper Zionist regime against the peaceful rally of the Palestinian Nation on “the day of return”. This measure is in continuation of protracted crimes perpetrated by US- backed Zionists.
We are of the belief that Zionists’ tension-generating and crisis-creating policy and a recent decision by the US President to relocate the American embassy to the Holy City of Al-Quds are perilous conspiracies that have threatened the stability and security of the region.
Tel Aviv’s ruling terrorists understand but the language of force, thus, resistance is the most important element in countering the Zionist regime’s ambitious goals.
As PUIC President, I urge the Parliaments of member states as well as world parliaments to support the legitimate rights of the oppressed people of Palestine by taking necessary measures and denouncing the Zionists, thus preventing their creation of new crises.