Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran to the “PUIC”:

Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran to the “PUIC”:

- Practical Steps to Undermine the U.S. – Zionist Conspiracy
- Supporting Palestine is a Muslim Obligation
- We Demand a UN Fact-Finding Commission for the Rohingya Tragedy
- Muslim Solidarity Creates Huge World Current
- Washington Seeks to Ignite Shia-Sunni War
- Africa’s Renaissance Soon

PUIC Bulletin No.22 Winter 2018


H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran was interviewed by the “PUIC”. His Excellency addressed the most important issues in the Islamic and international arena: Palestine and the unjust U.S. decision on Al-Quds; Muslim Unity; the Rohingya; Creation of a global Islamic current; confronting seditions and conspiracies; and the position of Africa upon the world stage.

Developments in Palestinian Arena
“PUIC”: The Islamic Parliament of Iran, in coordination with the PUIC General Secretariat, has proposed “Al-Quds” to be the motto to the PUIC Conference. Could we be enlightened on the most recent developments in the Palestinian arena; and Trump’s decision on recognizing Al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity and transferring the U.S. embassy to the holy city?
Dr. Larijani: The new American conspiracy is to weaken and waste the energy of Muslim states. Now they believe that they have already affected, to some extent, the power of Muslims. This is the reason behind escalating the issue of Al-Quds. If they succeed in moving the capital of the Zionist entity to Al-Quds, then this entity will launch new adventures in the region. We will blame ourselves in the coming years if we do not take practical steps today concerning these conspiracies. I believe that the Parliaments of Islamic States can urge their respective governments to extend support to the Palestinians.
All the Islamic States must be vigilant about the move to make Al-Quds capital of the Zionist entity. This is not a small matter.
The PUIC Presidential Troika and the Palestine Committee met in Tehran. Through presenting realistic analyses, the participants made the issue crystal clear. In the PUIC Conference we shall consider the matter more closely in order to find practical solutions in this regard to put at the disposal of the Islamic governments.
Boycotting the Zionist entity is the least move to be done by Muslim States under the current circumstances.
I believe that the parliaments of Islamic States ought to recognize the city of Al-Quds as the eternal capital of Palestine.
All of us must sincerely defend the Palestinian people. This people is not defending its land only but this people is the first line of defence, defending all Muslim States, We all need to defend the struggle of this people. Palestinians do not owe us a favour. We should not expect them to offer us anything in return. In fact offering them support is an Islamic obligation.
The Palestinian arena needs today internal solidarity. We request all Palestinian parties, in recognition of current circumstances, to put aside their differences, and stand, united and solidified, in the face of international conspiracies that target the Palestinian cause. Indeed, this is a national obligation. All Muslim States must renounce their differences and rally to the cause of Palestine and AL-Quds. We, in return, aspire to brotherly relations with all Muslim States; we consider all of them as brothers.

The Rohingya Tragedy
“PUIC”: The harsh injustice against the innocent Rohingya Muslims is among the most important issues of the Islamic world. What do you, Excellency, expect the Tehran Conference to do about this tragedy?
Dr. Larijani: The horrible events, massacres, suppression, forcible dispersion of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims bring agony to the souls of all honest people. The terrifying scenes of the daily and organized butchery of women, men, children and the old are evidence of a new and huge human catastrophe taking place in our age.
What is more heartbreaking is the silence of those who claim to defend human rights in addition to some governments and international organizations which nonchalantly continue to view such frightening events as well as human rights violations and genocide of Muslims in Myanmar.
I must stress the accountability of the Myanmar government and the necessity of supporting the Muslim minority in the country. We definitely demand the intervention of a world fact-finding commission to investigate into the prevailing conditions in the area, send humanitarian assistance and address the matter immediately.
Pursuant to the UN Charter and international resolutions we affirm the necessity of avoiding patterns of behavior based on double standards when dealing with human rights issues.
We also stress the responsibility of all governments, parliaments as well as international institutions and organizations for establishing peace and security in the region, and extending support to the Rohingya Muslim people. It is obvious that the parliament Speakers meeting in Teheran will conduct consultations on this issue.

Necessity of Islamic Unity
“PUIC”: Differences inside the Muslim Ummah constitute the major challenge facing the Islamic World. Islamic unity, on the other hand, is an extremely significant issue. What are, in your view, the root causes of these differences and how can they be addressed?
Dr. Larijani: Our conviction is that all Muslims are equal and that they must live a good and honorable life. Comparing the present time and three decades ago, we recognize the progress which Muslims have made today.
Muslim countries may integrate their capabilities and potentials and these create a formidable current in the world. Let us consider the example of Europe. The population of the European Union does not exceed 500 million. However, they have recognized that by coming together they may colonize Muslim states. The population of Muslim countries is a billion and a half billion who are connected with close bonds, and consider themselves are brothers in religion. Through integration Muslims can become a massive power.
While Muslims were making progress during the past three decades, their enemies were hatching plots to stop this progress. To achieve this they have resorted to instigating seditions through escalation of sectarian differences among them.
When the USA occupied Iraq with the intention of imposing a long-term control, it was also intending to fan the embers of war between the Shia and Sunnah. There are also extremist groups that have infiltrated into the Muslim ranks. These groups consider all Muslim bodies as infidels except themselves. Sunnies and Shiites have lived in peace in Iraq through the years. However, the Americans have been seeking to cause schism between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq and between other Muslim groups in the other states of the region.
Intillegency services of foreign countries are behind those who create differences between the Shia and Sunnah. At the same time we should not treat those who sow discord among Muslims with extremist patterns of behavior. Our actions must proceed from genuine Muslim unity which looks to the future.
Regrettably there are those who seek to maintain the scourge of the breakdown of security. They know that prolonging differences between Shia and Sunnah would allow the USA and the Zionist entity to realize their anti-Muslim objectives. We must, therefore, be vigilant, vis-à-vis how to deal with this plague.
Islamic sects, whether Shia or Sunnah, do not differ over the fundamentals of the religion. But Americans do not like the two groups to unite because if they do this, the Americans will fail to achieve their objectives. I believe that Islamic Parliaments have a historical mission that they should accomplish in this regard.

Parliamentary Diplomacy
“PUIC”: What in your view are the measures that ought to be taken in order to energize PUIC role in the field of Parliamentary diplomacy?
Dr. Larijani: The PUIC is the second largest Parliamentary Union after the IPU. Its members today are 54 parliaments.
Also the extension of its geographical scope is also striking. Many important African and Asian states are PUIC members. They possess various economic resources. If they forge integrated economic relations they will constitute significant economic pivots in the world. From the point of view of political geography the Islamic domain is one of the most important strategic regions in the globe. The domain also has the most essential water passages making world economies much in need of them. No one can deny the significance of Islamic states in political geography. It is also blessed with one of the richest regions in oil.
African in the Islamic World
At this juncture I would like to refer to the Status of Africa in the Islamic world. Africa is the only country in the world where Islam is number one religion. When we talk about Africa we immediately remember Bilal the Abyssinian. The new identity of Africa has been shaped by Islam. Even non-Islamic African movements have been formed around the pivot of justice and fighting inequity and colonialism. All these movements have accorded special attention to Islam. In view of possessing precious economic resources, Africa will rise soon.
I request all Islamic states to pay special attention to investment in Africa. It will be useful to ponder the activity of China in Arica. Essentially there is no Islamic unity without Africa.
I say, firstly, therefore, the PUIC must give special attention to all its geographical groups. Secondly, the PUIC must conduct the necessary academic studies in order to energize integrated economic relations among its members. Thirdly, the PUIC must take the opportunity of attending parliamentary fora to defend the interests of the Islamic Nation as well as the common positions of Muslims. Lastly, the PUIC must act with more seriousness to follow up implementation of the resolutions of its conferences.

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