To Discuss Al Quds: Presidential Troika Meets in Tehran

The General Secretariat of the PUIC has the honour to inform that the PUIC Secretary General has received a letter from H.E. Mr. Atef Trawaneh, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan concerning the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and of the recognition of the Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the so called “State of Israel”.
The PUIC General Secretariat contacted the PUIC Presidential Troika and in consultation with then it was decided to hold the meeting of the PUIC Presidential Troika and the Standing Committee on Palestine in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran on 18 December 2017, to discuss the serious implication for security and stability in the Arab region and the Islamic world and the provocation to feelings of the Muslims, Christians and the negative effects of the unjust US decisions.
The PUIC General Secretariat further informed that the 13th PUIC Conference will still be held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran on 13 – 17 January, 2018 with the motto “Al-Quds”.

7 December 2017

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