7- 8  OCTOBER 2017
We, Chairman and members of the Executive Committee of the PUIC, participating in the 38th Meeting of the Executive Committee, on 7 and 8 October, 2017:

   Affirming our respect for the objectives and principles enshrined in the charters of the OIC and the United Nations;
   Being guided by the Statute of the PUIC and the PUIC Convention on Combating Terrorism and Extremism which was adopted by the 11th Session of the PUIC Conference, on 24 January 2016;
   Affirming our attention for the causes of Muslim minorities in non-OIC Countries;
   Declare the following:  
1-    Confirm that the crucial and complex circumstances through which the world is passing today necessitate unifying the visions, cooperation and coordination of our parliaments pursuant to our noble Islamic principles which urge us to cooperate in good and piety, and not in sin and aggression, in order to confront and overcome these circumstances so that   our glorious Muslim Ummah may realize its aspiration to security, peace, development and progress.
2-      Also confirm the focality of the Palestinian Cause, considered as the primary cause of Muslims, as well as confirming the steadfastness and struggle of the Palestinian People until they regain their total rights to their entire national soil, and welcome the efforts exerted and the steps taken so as to achieve Palestinian national unity.
3-    Reiterate our condemnation of the practices of the Israeli authorities and their barbaric, oppressive and savage methods used against the Palestinian People who struggle and stand firm for the sake of their freedom and dignity.
4-    Welcome accession of the State of Palestine to the INTERPOL.
5-    Condemn terrorism in all its forms, which is practiced by terrorist organizations, wherever it may be, and Call upon all States of the world to adopt constructive cooperation to fight and eliminate terrorism as well as address its root causes.
6-    Express our great attention and utmost concern with the tragedy befalling the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar which has compelled about half a million of them to flee their regions and become refugees, and Call for halting the military operations launched by the Myanmar authorities and Buddhist extremists against the Rohingya Muslims, and extending humanitarian assistance to them. Also Call on all Muslim States to coordinate their efforts with the international community and the states with influence to exercise pressure on the Myanmar government in order to find a just political solution that ensures, for the Rohingya, their legitimate political and civil rights.
7-    Also call for extending support to Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries in order to exercise their basic rights and ensure their enjoyment of their religious rituals as well as their political, economic and civil rights.
8-    Express our concern for the suffering of millions of refugees, repatriated and displaced Muslims who have been forced to flee their homelands and regions, as well as those living under Zionist occupation, and Call on Muslim States, in particular, and international volunteer organizations, and civil society organizations to extend urgent and necessary assistance to them.
9-    Affirm the importance of the role of the PUIC in defending the principles and beliefs of the Ummah, and confronting Islamophobia and vilification of the true religion and its symbols.
10-    Express our gratitude and thanks to His Excellency the Secretary General and the staff of the PUIC General Secretariat for organizing the meeting at the Headquarters of the General Secretariat, and for the excellent organization, preparation and care put in place in favor of the Chairman and members of the Executive Committee since their arrival in Tehran.

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