Agenda of the 25th Session of the PUIC General Committee Abidjan – Republic of Cote d’Ivoire

23 Sha’ban1445 H. 04 March 2024

TIME: 10:00 – 13:00

Election of Members of the Bureau as follows: -

1.1 Vice-Chairman from the Arab Group.

1.2 Vice-Chairman from the Asian Group

1.3 Rapporteur.

Adoption of the Agenda and the Programme of Work.

3 Reading and adopting the Report of the PUIC Secretary General.

Consideration and adoption of the two Reports of the 49th ,50th and 51st Meetings of the PUIC Executive Committee and their Annexes.


5 Adoption of the following PUIC financial documents:

5.1 Report of the PUIC Financial Control Committee on the accounts of the year 2023.

5.2 Proposed PUIC Budget for the fiscal year 2024.


6- Updating the Draft Agenda for the 18th Session of the PUIC Conference.

7- Adopting the Report of the 25th Session of the PUIC General Committee.

8- Any other business.

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