Secretary General Calls Upon Ummah to Protect Sanctities

Secretary General Calls Upon Ummah to Protect Sanctities

H.E. the PUIC Secretary General, Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass, expressed his strong condemnation and denunciation of the aggression launched by the extremist government of the Zionist entity on Al Aqsa Mosque, the most recent of which has been the storming of the precincts of the Mosque by the Zionist Security Minister, and the meeting of the Prime Minster of the entity with members of his cabinet in a tunnel underneath Al- Aburaq Wall.

All these practices are considered aggressions and provocations of the sentiments of Muslims, in East and West of the Globe, as well as failed attempts to fake the identity of occupied Al Quds which shall remain, with Al Aqsa Mosque in its heart, the eternal Capital of the Palestinian State and a holy city for all Muslims.

H.E. the Secretary General affirms that the international community is duty-bound to act to stop the arrogance of these Zionists, so that a total war may not break out in the region, which will be the most dangerous for world peace.

His Excellency calls upon the Islamic Ummah to protect the Islamic Sanctities, and stand by the side of the struggling Palestinian people in the face of the Zionist insolence.

His Excellency recalls that resolutions of PUIC Conferences have confirmed that Al- Quds is a red line for all Muslims who will not accept continuation of these aggressions and provocations.

24 May 2023

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