Secretary General Calls on the International Community to Protect the Palestinian People

Secretary General Calls on the International Community to Protect the Palestinian People

H.E. the PUIC Secretary General Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass, expressed his strong condemnation of the savage actions perpetrated by the authorities of the Zionist occupation against the steadfast Palestinian people.

He stated that the heinous crimes carried out by the Zionist forces and the settler gangs, under the protection of those forces, cannot be disregarded. The international community is duty- bound to act expeditiously in order to protect the Palestinian people as they face daily and continuous killing, in addition to detentions, demolition of houses, and besieging of towns, cities and residential areas.

The actions of the Zionist enemy are gross war crimes, and crimes against humanity as well as flagrant violation of all UN and security Council resolutions, and shamefully counteract the principles of human rights. All of this necessitates the international community and the International Court of Justice to hold accountable and prosecute those Zionist criminals.

In view of what occupied Palestine, including Al-Quds and West Bank towns, is witnessing in terms of serious escalation of aggression on the part of the forces of occupation and settler gangs, H. E. the PUIC Secretary General, calls on the Islamic Ummah to stand by the side of the Palestinian People, support their steadfastness and act together with them to liberate their land, and establish their independent state with Al- Quds its capital.

He also affirms that all the PUIC Conferences have unanimously resolved that the Palestinian cause is the primary cause of Muslims, and that it is their duty to seek the liberation of Palestine from the Zionist occupiers.

28 February 2023