Agenda of the 23rd Session of the PUIC General Committee

(Sharing, Conscience and Islam: Palestine, Migration and Afghanistan) Istanbul – Republic of Turkiye 5 Jamad Ul Awwal, 1443 Thursday 9 December, 2021

MEETING ROOM: Istanbul Congress Center

FROM: 15:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Election of Members of the Bureau as follows: -

1.1 Vice-President from the African Group.

1.2 Vice-President from the Arab Group

1.3 Rapporteur.

Adoption of the Agenda and the Programme of Work.

3 Report of the PUIC Secretary General.

Examination and adoption of the Reports of the Executive Committee 44th, 45th & 46th Meetings and their Annexes.


5.1 Report of the External Auditor and Financial Control Committee on the Accounts of the Fiscal year 2020.

5.2 Proposed budget for 2022, which are the same amounts that were approved in previous years, compared to the last budget approved by the General Committee in its 22nd session held in Ouagadougou on January 29, 2020


Expressing opinion about what has been submitted by the Executive Committee regarding the application of “League of the Parliamentarians for Al Quds” to join the PUIC in an Observer capacity to be submitted to the Conference.

Updating the Draft Agenda for the 16th Session of the PUIC Conference.

Adoption of the Report of the 23rd Session of the PUIC General Committee.

Any other business.

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