Agenda of the 22nd Session of the PUIC General Committee

Ouagadougou – Burkina faso 3 JUMADA AL-THANI, 1441 29 JANUARY, 2020

FROM: 09.00 TO 12.00 hrs.

Election of Members of the Bureau as follows: -

1.1 Vice-President from the Arab Group.

1.2 Vice-President from the Asian Group

1.3 Rapporteur.

Adoption of the Agenda and the Programme of Work.

3 Report of the PUIC Secretary General.

Examination and adoption of the Reports of the Executive Committee 42nd and 43rd Meetings and the 3rd Extraordinary Meeting and their Annexes.


5 Adoption of the following financial documents of the Union:

5.1 Report of the Financial Control Committee on the Accounts of the Fiscal year 2019.

5.2 Proposed Budget for the fiscal year 2020.


Formation of an Open-ended Committee chaired by the Conference Rapporteur with the participation of the Rapporteurs of the Four Standing Specialized Committees (S.S.C.s) in order to draft the Declaration of the Conference.

Updating the Draft Agenda for the 15th Session of the PUIC Conference.

Adoption of the Report of the 22nd Session of the PUIC General Committee.

Any other business.

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