Algiers Declaration

Algiers Declaration

The Algiers Declaration issued by the 47th Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC).

We, the members of the Executive Committee of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC), gathered at the 47th ordinary session, held in Algiers, Algeria, on 10-11 Shaaban 1443 corresponding to 13-14 March 2022, under the chairmanship of the Algerian Parliament;

Reiterating our adherence to the Parliamentary Union principals and objectives aiming to establish peace, democracy and stability in the Islamic World and to engage the Islamic Ummah in the process of building a world of peace, stability and development,

Highlighting the pivotal role of the Parliamentary Union as a collective voice of the Muslim world, guided by values of justice, democracy and constructive dialogue in providing adequate solutions to the Islamic world issues, through a consensus-based decision making process for promoting security, stability and development in a peaceful and fair way,

Convinced of the necessity of joining our efforts to meet political, economic and cultural challenges and to preserve the security and stability of our nations,

Recognizing the need to secure investment opportunities and win-win cooperation to achieve sustainable development and better livelihood for the Islamic World,

Expressing our sincere thanks and gratitude to the President, the People and the Parliament of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria for hosting the 47th PUIC Executive committee meeting, and ensuring all conditions for the success of its proceedings,

Being guided by the objectives and principles enshrined in the Charter of the OIC and the statute of PUIC:

- Affirm our respect for the principles and objectives of the Union,

-Confirm that the global complex backdrop requires coordination, unifying visions and intensifying consultation among the Parliaments of the Islamic States. Due to the growing tensions and the increasing number of conflicts across the globe, we need to strengthen unity among the Islamic countries and to cooperate in righteousness as dictated by our noble religion,

- Condemn all forms of interference in States internal affairs considering it as a violation of non-intervention rule and State sovereignty principle; we reiterate the necessity of respecting sovereignty, stability and integrity of all the Union’s Member States in accordance with the international Legitimacy. We call for unity in the Islamic world under this testimony “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of God”, and overcome sectarian, tribal and ethnic ideologies,

-Reiterate our unwavering support to the Cause of Palestine, the preservation of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people including the right of return. In this regard, we reiterate our support to the Arab Peace Initiative,

- Urge the Palestinian factions to put their differences aside and exert efforts by closing ranks against the Zionist illegal policies and practices such as the Judaization of Al-Quds Al-Sharif,

-Call for an immediate cessation of all forms of Israeli violations of the international law including an immediate end of the blockade on Gaza Strip, the settlement activities and the oppressive practices against civilians especially children, women and elderly people,

-Reaffirm the central place of the Palestinian Cause for the Islamic UMMAH; as well as our unconditional support to the Palestinian people to regain their legitimate and inalienable rights by establishing their independent State with Al- Quds Al-Sharif as its capital,

-Stress the importance of raising awareness about Islamic teachings aimed at countering terrorism, violent extremism and religious intolerance; and combating islamophobia and extremist movements,

-Call to promote the role of culture and identity as a means to strengthen collaboration by creating a cultural project aiming at reviving Islamic values,

-Emphasize the importance of organizing international youth fora in order to spread a moderate Islam that embraces various and divers values and cultures,

-Further the use of new technologies and social media to disseminate moderate religious beliefs based on the lofty Islamic teachings of understanding and coexistence and tolerance,

-Condemn strongly all forms of terrorism and we reiterate our joint determination to fight it, dry up its financing sources and prevent its spreading, particularly in the Sahel region and East Africa. We call on all Islamic countries to scale-up efforts and enhance cooperation in order to uproot this scourge which threatens our security and stability, and hinders any endeavor forward prosperity, development or peace-building,

-Highlight the Algerian pioneering experience in fighting against terrorism and eliminating radicalism through a comprehensive strategy based on national reconciliation, sustained development, participatory democracy, social justice and the rule of law,

-Reiterate our commitment towards the Muslim minorities living in non- Islamic countries to help them exercise their rights and fundamental liberties within their societies and protect their religious, cultural, civil, political, economic and social rights. In this regard, we express our concern for the systematic persecution of the Rohingya people and its impact on the neighboring countries,

-Welcome the Turkish proposal of creating a committee for Muslim Minorities within the Union and we thank it for its invitation to hold the Political Committee and the troika meeting to discuss this committee guidelines,

-Call to address the crisis of refugees and displaced populations by eliminating its root causes and adopting inclusive approaches to improve socioeconomic conditions, initiate preventive measures, and eradicate wars, conflicts, discrimination and human rights violations. We also call for the adoption of a preventive approach to make sure refugees and displaced persons remain in their homelands and to protect their life and dignity,

-Call to intensify efforts to find a peaceful and sustainable solution to the conflicts among brothers in our Islamic world and we urge to fight terrorism and extremism as well as their consequences in the Sahel, Somalia and Northern Mozambique (Cabo Delgado province),

-Encourage national parliaments to enact necessary legislations to maximize effective implementation of the international climate agreements taking into account the interests of Member States. We call parliaments to raise awareness about the necessity of decarbonization and reducing the climate change impact on development and health,

-In the face of unprecedented challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, we call on Member States to redouble efforts, enhance collaboration and take common measures to overcome its global economic effects while pursuing the Islamic spirit of brotherhood and solidarity.

-Call for joint action, cooperation and expertise sharing to recover from the economic downturn triggered by the covid-19 outbreak. We call on the Islamic countries to improve their cultural and trade exchanges in order to achieve economic growth and human security,

-Call to craft new initiatives, plans and roadmaps to keep up with the fourth industrial revolution, smart technology and artificial intelligence,

-Underscore the importance of enhancing the PUIC role in the international arena by strengthening its organs and mechanisms, enhancing coordination among Member States in international fora in view of addressing the current unstable regions and international situation.

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