47th Meeting of the PUIC Executive Committee in Algiers

47th Meeting of the PUIC Executive Committee in Algiers

The PUIC Executive Committee held its 47th Meeting in Algiers on 13 and 14 March 2022. The Committee unanimously decided to hold the 17th Session of the PUIC Conference in People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.

It was also decided that the date of the said Conference shall be defined in coordination between the Algerian Parliament and the PUIC General Secretariat.

The Meeting approved the Rules of the Procedure of the Committee on Muslim Minorities, and adopted the agenda of the 17th Session of the PUIC Conference and Related Meetings.

The Meeting was opened with a speech delivered by H.E. Mr. Brahim Boughali, Speaker of the People’s National Assembly of Algeria, at the beginning of which he welcomed the participating delegations, and focused on the unity and solidarity of the Islamic Ummah.

He wished for the Ummah to support each other at the current critical and grave circumstances on the international arena. He highlighted that the states of the PUIC Parliaments have faced the Corona virus with firmness and solidarity wishing the Ummah to be at the level of the challenges.

He said that the Islamic states must double their efforts in order to establish the principles of cooperation, tolerance and consultation under the umbrella of mutual respect between our states so as to thwart any attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the states of the PUIC member Parliaments concomitantly with attempts to obliterate our identity and the values of our true religion.

The PUIC Secretary General, H.E. Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass, expressed, in his speech at the opening session his utmost thanks to the Algerian authorities for the warm reception, generous hospitality and good organization of the Meeting. He stated that the Meeting comes at highly complex international circumstances, and facing current world events the PUIC General Secretariat only wishes for the Islamic States to enhance their mutual compassion and amity so as to preserve the unity of its entity and solidarity, praying to Almighty God to preserve the Ummah and cover this world, in which we live, with His ample mercy.

Those who made interventions during the meeting underlined the gravity of the current international circumstances making it incumbent on the PUIC to be at the level of the challenges.

They also stressed that the only way to that is through solidarity and unity which are advocated by our true Islamic religion.

The interventionists also called for tangible action in favour of our Islamic Ummah, and the realization of the aspirations of its peoples. They requested the activation of PUIC resolutions, and stressed that the Palestinian cause remains the central cause of the Islamic Ummah.

20 March 2022

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