President Sakandé Calls for Cooperation to Face Coronavirus

President Sakandé Calls for Cooperation to Face Coronavirus

May Allah the merciful extend his blessings on all of us, during these particularly difficult times in the world.

It is with a profound feeling of distress that I have to speak out, in my capacity as President of the 15th Conference of the PUIC, regarding the painful ordeal that our communities are going through, due to Covid-19 pandemic.

In this particular time, on your behalf, I wish to express a deep sense of reverence for all those who passed away since the beginning of this pandemic. May Allah the Almighty receive them in His heavenly Kingdom and grant them eternal peace.

Beyond the international health crisis consequent of propagation of the coronavirus, our world is now faced with a real human tragedy. Serious socio-economic consequences are threatening the foundation of our political institutions and the stability of our States.

I would therefore call for:

- Closely coordinating International approach, due to pressing necessity, among PUIC Member States, based on the solidarity principle uniting our States and our respective scientific experiences;

- Mobilization of all resources in favour of our Governments to achieve better coordination of public health measures required to protect our populations,given the challenges related to economic growth and jobs protection;

- Stronger cooperation among our States, in order to reducehealth and economic risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, by building the foundations for a better economic recovery.

At the current state of scientific research, responsibility and solidarity are our best weaponsto combat Covid-19, which ignores borders, races, political organisation systems, and level of socio-economic development.

More than ever, it is urgent to put aside our differences, in order to implement a joint response as part of a reinforced cooperation.

May God bless our respective countries!

28 April 2020