PNC Warns Against Judaizing Al Quds

PNC Warns Against Judaizing Al Quds

The Palestine National Council (PNC) considered the opening of a new Judaizing settlement tunnel underneath Salwan neighborhood, South of Al Aqsa Mosque and extending to Al Buraq Wall as a new crime with the participation of the US administration.

In its statement, the PNC affirmed that the aggression on the historical, heritage and religious landmarks of the city of Al Quds is a blatant challenge to the Arab and Islamic nations as well as an insolent provocation to the sentiments of Arabs and Muslims.

The PNC requested Arab and Islamic governments and their Parliaments to shoulder their national and religious responsibilities in order to save Al Quds and its Islamic and Christian sanctities from the danger of judaization.

The PNC called on the UNESCO and the UN Secretary General not to keep silent vis-à-vis the American and Israeli behavior which blatantly violates the International resolutions. The PNC also warned against the flare-up of a religions war in the region.

2 July 2019 

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