PNC commemorates the Nakba

PNC commemorates the Nakba

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) commemorates the Nakba (Catastrophe) and addresses the Parliaments of the world and demands supporting the Palestinian people rights and homeland return.

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) addressed the regional and international parliamentary associations, foremost among them the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), which includes 176 member parliaments, on the occasion of the 71-year anniversary of the Nakba (Catastrophe) that befell the Palestinian people in 1948 by Zionist gangs after dozens of massacres, resulted in the killing (martyrdom) of more than 15 thousands of Palestinians, and the displacement of more than half of our people outside and at homeland.

PNC in identical letters, sent by the Speaker of the Council Mr. Saleem Al-Za’anoun to more than 11 Arab, Islamic, African, European, Latin and international parliamentary associations and federations, confirmed that the catastrophic consequences of the Nakba are still ongoing, accompanied by attempts to revoke the right of self-determination for our people, and denying the right to return to homeland, and depriving the Palestinian people from an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

PNC explained that the anniversary of the Nakba this year is also coincident with the leaks of plans and proposals of the American (Deal of the Century), which goes beyond all relevant UN resolutions, particularly the revocation of the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes in accordance with Resolution 194. In addition to the cancelation of UNRWA Agency - the witness on the tragedy of refugees - which established by Resolution 302 of 1949.

In the circular letters, the PNC emphasized the adherence to the inalienable Palestinian national rights, foremost of which is the right of return, the end of the Israeli occupation, the establishment of a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital in accordance with the relevant international resolutions, and the inadmissibility of turning the occupation into a normal situation, and the justification for its aggression, occupation and procedures which contradict with the principles, rules and provisions of international law, and successive resolutions of international legitimacy in this regard.

PNC explained in its letters that (Israel) the occupying state continues its crimes and occupation of our people, through the legislation of the Knesset, and that it still considers itself above international law, refuses to implement the UN resolutions on the rights of our people, and practicing policy of imposing facts, especially settlements, on the occupied Palestinian territories.

PNC called on the Heads of the parliamentary associations and their members to join efforts to overcome the injustice imposed on our people, support their struggle for freedom and return, and force the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) to stop legitimizing the occupation, its crimes and terrorizing our people.

On the 71st anniversary of the Nakba, PNC also called upon the governments of the world, especially the European governments, to support the Palestinian people and practically help them to get rid of the occupation, and to live in freedom and dignity in their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

PNC called on the parliamentary unions to work with the United Nations and its institutions to compel the Israeli occupation to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy to achieve peace in the Middle East by ending its occupation of the Palestinian people and enabling the Palestinians to self-determination and return to its land, in addition to establishing the Palestinian state as per the international legitimate resolutions in this regard.

PNC urged the parliamentary unions to defend UNRWA to continue its role towards the Palestinian refugees until their cause is resolved in accordance with the UN resolution 194, and to reject any attempts to undermine its mission to provide services to about six million refugees.

PNC reaffirmed that we are the original owners of the country, despite the displacement of more than 800 thousands of our people from their homeland and prevent them from returning to it, and despite the crimes of ethnic cleansing, during which the Zionist gangs committed more than 70 massacres, and destroyed more than 531 villages and cities in full. However our people are determined to stay in their land. Knowing that, by the end of 2018, the total number of Palestinian people in the world reached 13.1 million, indicating that the number of Palestinians has increased more than nine times since the1948 Nakba. More than half of them (6.48 million) live in historic Palestine, and out of them (1.57 million) live in the territories occupied in 1948.

PNC warned that the coming danger lies in Zionist ideology, which has helped ethnic cleansing since before 1948, and his work is still alive and ongoing, and it seems that time is working on behalf of the supporters Israelis of the Palestinian transfer and the recurrence of the Nakba (the Palestinian Holocaust), whereby they foster their strength in Israel day after day.

We, the Palestinian National Council, salute our people in the homeland and the Diaspora, who have demonstrated in the squares, parks and capitals of the world to express the commitment to their right to return to their homeland Palestine; a right that does not fall by aging, it’s an individual and collective right guaranteed by the resolutions of international legitimacy and international human rights instruments. PNC also paid tribute to our people in the homeland for their steadfastness in their land.

14 May, 2019