Speech of the Head of the Lebanese Parliamentary Delegation

We call upon the PUIC to dispatch appropriate messages or send delegations to the Chairs of international, Arab, Asian, European, African, Latin, Francophone, Euro-Med Parliamentary unions to inform them about the reality of the situation in Gaza and the Israeli objective behind the aggression.
We call for releasing the Palestinian detainees and prisoners. We call for setting free the detained members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, in the fore-front of whom is brother Abdul Aziz Al-Duwaik, Speaker of the Council as well as Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Saadat.
We urge the extension of immediate food and medical assistance to Gaza, and stress the rebuilding of Gaza and the houses destroyed by the occupation authorities in the different Palestinian regions, and the establishment of a special council for this purpose. We also call for confronting the Israeli attempt to Judaize Al-Quds through enhancing Al-Quds funds as well as implement projects in the city in order to preserve its Arab and Islamic identity.

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