Istanbul EO Meeting on Gaza

Speech of Professor Mahmud Erol KILIC Secretary General of the PUIC at the 1st Extraordinary Open-Ended Meeting of the PUIC Executive Committee on the Gaza Crisis


Speech of Professor Mahmud Erol KILIC
Secretary General
of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC)
at the 1st Extraordinary Open-Ended Meeting
of the PUIC Executive Committee
Istanbul – Republic of Turkey
14 January 2009

The entire parliaments and peoples of the Muslim Ummah have reacted to the tragic events unfolding in the valiant, steadfast Gaza Strip. A number of Speakers of  Parliaments have contacted the PUIC General Secretariat expressing their wish to host this important and historic extraordinary meeting. Following consultations and contacts it was agreed to convene the meeting here in Istanbul. While offering thanks and appreciation to the Speakers of Parliaments in the Member States for their attention and kind participation, the General Secretariat hopes that your meeting will culminate in significant results commensurate with the present and future aspirations of our Ummah.
The PUIC has been following with the utmost concern the Israeli violations against the steadfast in Gaza Strip, from its cruel siege to the barbaric airstrikes on 27th December 2008. In so doing, Israel flouted and violated all and every international law or convention. Further to its savagery and barbarism and genocide, Israel has launched land and sea onslaught which enters its third week nonstop.
These developments are taking place under the very eyes and hearing of the world. Such Israeli arrogance is proceeding unabated, without being checked or brought into the fold of international legitimacy. The Zionist entity and its patrons have not responded to global governmental and popular appeals to halt the massacres, genocide and terrorizing children, women, and the elderly. This Israeli killing spree follows in the wake of denying these innocent people medicine and food or any humanitarian assistance due to a strangling land, sea and air siege.
Our meeting takes place to address this horrifying tragic situation not by expressing further condemnations and denunciations. The peoples of the whole world have been decrying this brutal aggression. We are here to adopt clear-cut stances and measures that chart a roadmap for immediately addressing the crisis.
Such measures may be viewed through three pivots:
First Pivot:          To pursue efforts vis-à-vis the international community and influential states in order to stop this war of genocide, promptly and unconditionally, simultaneously with opening the crossing-points and ending the blockade. Also to request desisting from providing Israel with arms which it uses to pursue its savage aggression on Gaza Strip.

Second Pivot: To call on the Muslim Ummah to assume a unified position in support of the Palestinian People, especially that Muslim Peoples have expressed their readiness for this.
Third Pivot:         To seek prosecution of the culprits and butchers of the Zionist entity and bring them to justice for perpetrating genocide and war crimes.
I hope our meeting will achieve important results that fulfill the current and future aspirations of our Ummah.
May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you. 

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