Final Communique of the Meeting of the PUIC Presidential Troika

On the Attempts to Alter the Legal and Historical Status of the City of Al- Quds
Tehran- Islamic Republic of Iran
18th December, 2017

In response to the decision of the US Administration on recognizing Al-Quds as the Capital of the occupying Zionist entity and transferring the US embassy to this city, the PUIC Presidential Troika on the kind invitation of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, met in Tehran, on 18, December, 2017, with the attendance of the three presidents of PUIC Sessions (past, current, and next), namely:
-    H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, President of the (next) 13th Session of the PUIC Conference, Chairman of the Meeting of the Presidential troika,
-    H.E. Issaka Sidibé, Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Mali, President of the 12th Session of the PUIC Conference,
-    H.E. Mr. Salim Abdullah Al-Jubouri, Speaker of the Council of Representatives of the Republic of Iraq, President of the 11th Session of the PUIC Conference.
FIRSTLY:     The Meeting was opened with a recitation of verses of the Holy Quran.
SECONDLY:     H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Islamic Parliament, Chaired the meeting.
THIRDLY:     H.E. Prof. Mahmud Erol KILIC, PUIC Secretary General, welcomed the attendees.
FOURTHLY:     The three Speakers delivered important speeches on this occasion. The Meeting adopted these speeches as its official documents for it.
And following exhaustive discussion, the Meeting adopted the following points:
1-    Adopting the Communique issued by the PUIC Standing Committee on Palestine, which met in Tehran simultaneously with the meeting of the Presidential Troika and attaching it as a document complementary to this communique.
2-    Rejecting the decision of the President of the US Administration, categorically and irrevocably, considered as a blatant aggression on the inalienable rights of the Palestinian People, as well as a null and void measure that has provoked the sentiments of Muslims, Christians and the entire free people of the world.
3-    Extending support and backing to the continuous struggle of the Palestinian people, and considering the resistance, in all its forms, as a legitimate right until the realization of the rights of the Palestinian people, primarily, the right to return and to establish the independent Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its capital.
4-    Calling on the Inter- Parliamentary Union (IPU) to terminate the membership of the Knesset of the Israeli entity in the IPU, as a punishment for the aggression of the Zionist entity on international laws.
5-    Confirming the necessity of releasing abducted Palestinians and those imprisoned in Israeli jails as well as administratively detained Palestinians, especially Palestinian Parliamentarians.
6-    Requesting the Members who are politically and economically connected to the Zionist entity to freeze these relations until the US Administration retracts its erroneous decision concerning the transfer of its embassy to Al Quds.
7-    Urging all PUIC Members to effectively and actively participate in the 13th Session of the PUIC Conference scheduled to be held under the motto “Al Quds” on 13- 17 January, 2018, in Tehran.

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