Final Communique of the Emergency Meeting of the Standing Committee on Palestine

Concerning Attempts to Alter the Legal and Historical Status of the City of Al-Quds
Tehran - Islamic Republic of Iran
18 December, 2017

The Emergency Meeting of the PUIC Standing Committee on Palestine, held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, on Monday 18th December, 2017, to consider the implications of the attitude of the US Administration, towards the city of Al-Quds;
Proceeding from the principles and objectives of the OIC Charter and the PUIC Statute
Pursuant to the resolutions adopted by PUIC Conferences and all Islamic meetings on the cause of Palestine, and the city of Al-Quds, in particular,
Stressing the centrality of the cause of Palestine and its eternal capital, the city of Al-Quds, for the Muslim Ummah,
Affirming that, pursuant to the UN Security Council Resolution 478 of 1980, all attempts by the Zionist entity, aimed at altering the legal and historical status of the City of Al-Quds, and its Islamic and Christian sanctities, as well as its identity and demographic constitution, are null and void,
Appreciating the initiative of President of the Republic of Turkey H.E Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Current President of the Islamic Summit concerning holding the Extraordinary Islamic summit in Istanbul on 13th December, 2017,
Expressing its support for the role assumed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in its capacity as custodian of the holy places in Al-Quds Al Sharif, and for the unshakable stances of the Jordanian waqf department relating to preservation of the sanctity of Haram Sharif and its historical status, considered as a place of worship.
The Meeting has resolved as follows:
1-    Affirming the centrality of the cause of Palestine and Al-Quds for the Islamic Ummah and that it is necessary for all states, Parliaments and non- governmental organizations, to cooperate among themselves, and coordinate in international and regional fora aimed at supporting and defending this cause until it prevails and until the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people are realized in terms of the return of all the refugees, liberation from occupation and establishment of the independent Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its Capital.
2-    Reiterating that the city of Al-Quds is an integral part of the Palestinian territories; expressing strong condemnation of the occupation authorities for their repeated violations of the sanctities in the City of Al-Quds; denouncing the measures taken by the Zionist entity and its illegal practices which are contradictory to all international laws, that are carried out by the occupation authorities in the City of Al-Quds aimed at Judaizing the Holy city and obliterating its Islamic and Christian landmarks.   
3-    Rejecting the decision of the US President on Al-Quds, categorically and non-negotiably, considered as a blatant aggression on the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, also considered as null, which deepens tension, sets off anger and threatens to push the region towards further violence and chaos  and Calls on the UN Security Council a resolution rejecting the decision of the President of the US Administration on Al-Quds.
4-    Affirming anew that the duty to defend the City of Al-Quds is the responsibility of all Muslims and Arabs.
5-    Supporting the third uprising (Intifada) of the Palestinian people, with all available means, and also enhancing it in the Islamic world, so that every Muslim feels that he is participating in this just uprising which aims at resisting the Zionist injustice and aggression, with whatever each individual possesses.
6-    Stressing that resistance, in all its forms, is a legitimate right, until rights are achieved, foremost of which is the right to return, to establish the independent Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its capital, on the land of Palestine.
7-    Affirming the necessity of energizing the activity of the funds which have been established for the sake of Al-Quds, and intensifying offering all kinds of financial support, in order to enhance the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in confronting the force of occupation, through providing material support and fulfilling the daily needs of this resisting people.
8-    Directing all Islamic efforts towards employing all potentials to enable the Palestinians to acquire their rights, and to avoid all other conflicts.
9-    Urging the states which have not yet recognized the State of Palestine to shoulder their historical obligations towards the Palestinian People and their right to establish an independent sovereign state; and inviting the UN Security Council to take the necessary measures to grant the State of Palestine full membership of the United Nations.
10-    Expediting the steps for implementing the Palestinian reconciliation accord, aimed at enhancing national unity and rallying all energies in order to counter the imminent dangers facing the cause of Palestine.
11-    Calling for energizing the resolutions on proscribing dealing with the Zionist entity, and not to violate the boycott laws, and to reject normalization with this entity in any form, and stressing the necessity of boycotting Israeli and American products in the Islamic World.
12-    Expressing appreciation to the Parliaments which have already formed standing Palestine Committees in their administrative structures, and urging the other parliaments which have not done so to take the initiative.  
13-    Offering sincere thanks and gratitude to the leaders, people and the Islamic Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their kind invitation to hold this Meeting and for the warm reception and generous hospitality.