27  JANUARY 2017

We, heads and members of delegation of the Parliaments of the OIC Member States, participating in the 12th session of the Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States, held in Bamako, Republic of Mali, on 27 January, 2017, upon the kind invitation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Mali, and having discussed the developments and challenges facing the Islamic world, which are included in the agenda of the session,

STRESSING our commitment to materializing and achieving the PUIC objectives and principles which are considered, according to our conviction, an integral part of the process of achieving peace, democracy and stability in the Islamic world, as a prelude for the adequate involvement of the Islamic Ummah in building a developed, secure and stable world that ensures prosperity and happiness for all humanity;

COMMENDING the active, prominent and influential role of the Union in addressing the important and vital issues of the international community, as it brings together Islamic parliaments and endeavors to conduct consultations and address the common affairs of Muslims and of humanity as a whole, on the basis of the sublime values of justice, democracy and beneficence for all, considering that legislative and consultative assemblies in our countries represent the popular identity and the independent and truthful voice of Muslim peoples in the context of achieving independence, justice and equality;

REAFFIRMING the fact that justice, peace, and security on the one hand, and sustainable development on the other, constitute two mutually-supportive pillars whose materialization, in a simultaneous, balanced and fair way, should rank first on national agendas and on the agendas of regional and international organizations;

RECOGNIZING the importance of managing inter-state relations on the basis of respect for the principle of national sovereignty and common interests, as well as the firm rejection of any foreign interference, and the commitment of all countries to realize social justice, enhance mutual understanding, and develop balanced plans for economic growth, social development , and environment protection;

UNDERLINING that the diversity of the traditions, cultures and beliefs of peoples constitutes a valuable factor to guarantee such noble values as freedom, justice, equality and tolerance;

APPRECIATING the enhancement of the culture for peace, dialogue, cultural diversity, justice and equality, the involvement of women and youth in local and international activities, as well as the guarantee for the respect and materialization of human rights principles;

Expressing deep concern over the developments and terrorist acts in Northern Mali fueled by the waves of cross-border organized crimes, particularly arms and drug trafficking which threaten the stability, peace and socio-economic development of the countries of the African Sahel region.

Expressing our strong resolve to counter terrorism by strengthening cooperation among all countries of the Muslim Ummah and increasing regional and international cooperation within the framework of the Code of Conduct on combating international terrorism adopted by the OIC in 1994, the OIC Convention on Combating International Terrorism adopted by the 26th Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers in Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso, in 1999, and the UN Charter, in particular the UN Global Strategy to Combat Terrorism,

HIGHLY APPRECIATING the Government, people and National assembly of the Republic of Mali for kindly hosting the 12th Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States, and CONGRATULATING Mali on taking over the responsibility of the Union by H.E. Mr. ISSAKA SIDIBE, Speaker of the National Assembly,
We DECLARE as follows:

1-    AFFIRM our commitment to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity of the Republic of Mali, and our full solidarity with H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, President of the Republic of Mali, as well as with the Government, National Assembly and people of Mali, against terrorism; and CALL ON our governments to provide financial support and secure the needs of the Malians to enable them to face the threats to peace and security in this Muslim country and in Western Africa in general.

2-    CONDEMN terrorism as a belief, thought and practice; and URGE our governments to develop their cooperation with a view to rooting out all forms of terrorism, by drawing upon the expertise and experiences acquired in this regard.

3-    COMMEND the efforts of the Malian authorities to implement the agreement on Peace, Understanding and Reconciliation in Mali concluded in the framework of the Algiers Peace Process, and REAFFIRM our adherence to preserving the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity of the Republic of Mali.

4-    APPEAL to the governments of the PUIC Member Parliaments to extend urgent support and financial assistance to the Republic of Mali so as to help the country fight the scourge of terrorism effectively and foster its progress towards peace, stability and the achievement of comprehensive sustainable development.

5-    CONDEMN IN THE STRONGEST TERMS any attack on Islamic Holy Sites, especially on Makkah Al-Mukarramah, which we consider as a red line for Muslim as a whole.

6-    UNDERSCORE the centrality of the cause of Palestine and Al-Quds to the entire Muslim Ummah and STRESS that reaching a comprehensive, lasting and just solution to the Palestinian cause -including the establishment of the independent Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its capital- is a sine qua non condition for peace and stability in the Middle East.

7-    AFFIRM the right of Muslim minorities to have their dignity, safety and honor preserved, their right to freedom of worship and to the free exercise of religious rituals, the right to work and to earn their living, the right to have their assets protected, as well as their entitlement to all the rights enjoyed by the citizens of the country, and to have their cultural identity safeguarded; STRESS, in the same context, our support to the banning of incitement or the practice of discrimination against non-Muslim fellow citizens and the need to consider them as equal citizens in rights and duties.

8-    URGE our States of PUIC Member Parliaments to establish a new economic system built on Islamic solidarity, and SUPPORT the setting up of a platform for enhancing economic, commercial, financial and banking relations, without distinction between  peoples, particularly among the peoples of the PUIC members, to achieve development and deepen regional and sub-regional cooperation, while providing equitable conditions for attaining the sought economic growth, increasing local production, raising the volume of inter-state exports, and consequently helping create productive job opportunities in national economies and accelerate the pace of economic progress towards combating poverty and meeting the other objectives enunciated in the MDGs document.

9-    URGE wealthy Islamic countries to provide more assistance to African Islamic countries to enable them to address development challenges, especially in the area of industrial development.

10-    AFFIRM that dialogue of civilizations, highlighting common denominators and  shared values, and fostering on-going dialogue between religions based on mutual respect among peoples, are necessary pre-requisites on which we insist to achieve peace, security, tolerance and coexistence devoid of any manifestation of extremism; CALL therefore for deepening dialogue among religions and Islamic schools of thought (Madhahib), combating intolerance and extremism, disseminating the true understanding of religion, and rejecting Takfir (declaring another Muslim as an infidel) and the propensity for violence.

11-    AFFIRM States of PUIC Member Parliaments’ determination to continue effective cooperation and earnest consultation to face Islamophobia, defamation of divine religions, incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims, and CALL FOR implementing the Counter-islamophobia Strategy adopted by the 11th Islamic Summit.

12-    STRESS the need to resist all types of media campaigns targeting Islam and Muslims and EXPRESS our serious concern over the manifestations of intolerance, discrimination and violence against Islam and Muslims in different areas of the world, as well as over the profiling and negative stereotyping of Islam and Muslims by associating them in international media with violence and terrorism.

13-    Confirm the resolution adopted by the Extraordinary Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC Member States held in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on 17 Safar 1438 A.H. (corresponding to 17 November 2016) on the launching of a ballistic missile towards Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

14-    Affirm that the adoption of the ‘Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act’ (JASTA) by the US Congress is a matter of serious concern for the international community, and contradicts the principles of the UN Charter which are based on respect for the principle of equality and sovereignty and sovereign immunity of States, as well as the established rulings of the International Court of Justice on the respect on sovereignty and the primacy of the International Law over the Local Law, since 1949, and the UN Convention on the Immunities of States and their properties from juridical competence, which was adopted as per the UN General Assembly Resolution No.38/59 of December 2004. Distress that the act will impact negatively the inter-state relations including those with the USA. Express hope that wisdom would prevail and that the US Congress would take the necessary steps to avoid the dire and serious repercussions of implementing this Act.

Bamako on 27 January 2017

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