Al –Khorafi as I Know Him

Al –Khorafi as I Know Him

Ali Asghar Mohammadi
Deputy Secretary General of PUIC

PUIC Bulletin No.17 SUMMER 2015


The late Jassem Mohammed Al-Khorafi was born in Qibla neighborhood in Kuwait in 1940. He received his elementary education in Bombay in India and then at Rawda School in Kuwait City. He then joined Victoria College in Alexandria, Egypt. Coming back to Kuwait, he enrolled in Shuwaikh Secondary School. He finished his higher education in Manchester, Britain, where he obtained a diploma in Business Administration.
The late Al-Khorafi served as Speaker of the National Assembly during the period 1999-2011. He was a member of the Assembly during the sessions of 1975, 1981, 1985 and 1996.
From 1985 to 1990 he served as Minister of Finance and Economy. He also held several administrative and executive posts in the public sector.
Among the achievements made during his presidency of the National Assembly was the adoption of a number of crucial laws and decisions, including granting Kuwaiti women political rights allowing their candidacy and election to the membership of the National Assembly; also amendment of a number of electoral constituencies.


Since I have been honoured by assuming the post of PUIC Assistant Secretary General as a result of the trust invested in me by the august Member Parliaments and H.E. the PUIC Secretary General Prof. Mahmud Erol KILIC, I was blessed with a valuable and price-less opportunity to know the Speakers and members of Parliaments who attended the PUIC Conferences and meetings as well as the chance to meet them on the sidelines of the other parliamentary gatherings in which we also participate.
The most outstanding characters with which I have worked was the late Mr. Jassem Mohammad AL-Khorafi for whom we felt indebted for the success of PUIC action, and for bringing people together and unifying the views of the esteemed members.
 Actually I know Al-Khorafi and met him in person before I joined the PUIC General Secretariat. However, the first time to work with him as PUIC Assistant Secretary General was during the ad hoc committee on amending the PUIC Statue in Cairo. In that meeting the late Al-Khorafi played a remarkable and constructive part in that task, beside rendering substantial contributions to the PUIC work.
We ought to commend the distinguished imprints which the late Al-Khorafi made in the field of enhancing joint Islamic Parliamentary action; and reiterate his well-known stances and sagacious ideas concerning the unification of parliamentary visions vis-à-vis the challenges and difficulties which face the Islamic nation.
The late Al-Khorafi was not only a Kuwaiti character but also a man of the Islamic Ummah. His positions and mettle showed during the most difficult and divergent circumstances which sometimes pervaded parliamentary fora. He was always ready to offer prudent ideas.
Mr. Al-Khorai was one of the most renowned Islamic personalities whether in parliamentary action or in the public domain. He was a parliamentary symbol having participated in parliamentary action for more than 28 years at both Islamic and international levels.
He assumed the presidency of more than one parliamentary Union and gained further experience at the level of practical and humanitarian work.
He used to carry many good sentiments to his people and the Islamic nation, as well as to all those who come into contact with him.
Mr. Al-Khorafi is considered one of the most distinguished characters of the PUIC and the IPU due to his being a rallying element of every Islamic parliamentary endeavour, in addition to his ever ready efforts to settle and overcome differences. He always played commendable roles in addressing issues of the region.
We recollect in this juncture the role played by the late Al-Khorafi in helping a Muslim and Arab personality to hold the position of IPU President.  I am referring to His Excellency Mr. Abdul Wahid Al-Radhi of the Kingdom of Morocco.
The late Al-Khorafi represented moderation and rationality, in addition to acting as a reference in several spheres where people seek wisdom and far-sightedness. He was known for his love of national work, Islamic unity and support of humanitarian causes.
The passing away of Al-Khorafi, who was a pillar of parliamentary and political action, was a loss to Kuwait in particular and the Islamic Ummah in general as well as a substantial loss to world parliamentary action.
I reiterate that the PUIC has lost a personality dear to all members. Indeed Kuwait and the Arabs have lost one of their loyal sons. His memory shall live forever in the hearts and souls of his contemporaries and those who witnessed his national and Islamic stances.

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