Final Communique of the First Meeting of the PUIC Presidential Troika (Plus)

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
22 July 2014

We members of the PUIC Presidential Troika, Speakers of Parliaments and Heads of other delegations participating in the First Meeting to deliberate on the "Situation in Palestine and the Aggression Against Gaza", held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, on July 22nd 2014, express pride and appreciation for the martyrs who have offered their lives for the country and for the Palestinian people and their potentials. Also hail the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance and its active factions in Gaza Strip and to the popular resistance in Al Quds and the West Bank.  View with honour and glorification the steadfastness of the Palestinian people inside the Green Line, and in the diaspora and the marches supportive of the Palestinians in the Strip and the West Bank against the inhuman Zionist violence, and highly appreciates the stand of sacrifice and valor with which the Palestinian people face the brutal Israeli aggression and its military arsenal and machine.

Express our appreciation of all the states and organizations which have supported the Palestinian people, and participated in conferences and meetings supportive of their cause.

Declare the following:

1-    The critical circumstances suffered by the Palestinian people under the yoke of the Zionist entity, makes it necessary for all Muslims, their parliaments and governments- irrespective of doctrine or race– to put their differences aside and unite to support the Palestinian cause which is the focal cause of all Muslims with all possible means and capabilities.

2-    The aggression launched by the Zionist entity against the Gaza Strip is a poignant proof of genocide as it has resulted in the martyrdom of hundreds of unarmed citizens, including children, women and the elderly, as well as wounding and dispersing thousands others, in addition to the destruction of a large number of houses, places of worship, centers of public services and loss of necessary requirements of inhabitants such as food, medicine, electricity and water supplies; the aggression also caused the devastation of the infrastructure which necessitates strong condemnation of this action, and the demand to punish the perpetrators of these war crimes which are committed, regrettably, under the shadow of a silent international community, and a flagrante USA support.

3-    Condemn state terrorism, in all its forms, which is perpetrated by Israel, including murder, collective punishment, genocide and brutalities and detentions, and request the international organizations, specially the IPU, to take serious action, for releasing all Palestinian prisoners and detainees, including deputies of the Palestinian Legislative Council, foremost among them is Dr. Aziz Al-Duwaik, Speaker of the Council.

4-    Stress that the war crimes and crimes against humanity as well as genocide and brutalities perpetrated by the Israeli politicians and the military in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the land and sea military onslaught, and air attacks; juidaization; settlement; and administrative detentions constitute blatant violations of International Humanitarian Law and a premeditated breach of the relevant UN resolutions. Call upon the international community and family to fully shoulder its responsibilities and immediately put an end to these violations.

5-    Declare our total support to all forms of resistance carried out by the Palestinian people against the occupier Zionist entity". Resisting occupation is a legitimate right of all peoples under occupation.

6-    Consider that the blockade imposed on the Palestinian People, especially in Gaza Strip a stigma of shame and is deemed a flagrante violation of human rights. Call for immediately lifting this blockade, open all land crossings, specially Rafah Crossing, and Gaza airport, and enable Gaza inhabitants to reoperate Gaz sea port and airport

7-    In view of the deterioration of the humanitarian conditions in Gaza Strip and the enormity of the Zionist crime therein, request the Egyptian government to expedite facilitation of the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Gaza through Rafah Crossing.

8-    Request the international community, particularly the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Commission, and civil rights organizations to engage in serious and fruitful action in order to ensure the legitimate rights of the Palestinian citizens to exercise their natural lives, just like the other free peoples in the world, in terms of agriculture, farming, industry and sea fishing within the territorial waters of Palestine.

9-    Welcome Palestinian national reconciliation and the formation of a government of national unity. The unity of the Palestinian people is the real guaranty for restoring their legitimate right to liberate the entire territory and the establishment of their independent state with Al-Quds as its Capital.  

10-    Urge and exhort all peoples and governments in the OIC sphere to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian People, materially, morally, media-wise and diplomatically.

11-    Demand prosecuting the Israeli perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide before international justice, as well as obligating Zionist entity to pay material damages to the victims and those who suffered losses due to Israel aggression which destroyed the infrastructure, houses bulldozed farms and uprooted trees. Mandate the PUIC Secretary General to follow up the matter with international organizations and bodies.    

12-    Mandate His Excellency Mr. Salim Al Zaanoun, Speaker of the Palestine National Council to contact PUIC Member Parliaments in order to ensure delivery of assistance in kind and medical aid to the Egyptian territories and ports, and to coordinate with the Arab Republic of Egypt aimed at facilitating and expediting the delivery of these assistance to Gaza Strip through Rafah Crossing.

13-    Call upon all governments of the world to assume their obligations, in fairness and transparency, when judging the disproportionate war which is launched by Israel on the unarmed citizens in occupied Palestine, and not to view the killings, destruction and dispersion with an equal measure between the executioner, which is the Israeli occupation, and the victim, which is the unarmed Palestinian people.

14-    Stress the importance of political, cultural and media moves as well as organizing marches and processions in the Last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan "World Day of Al-Quds" in order to support the Palestinian cause aimed at rallying world and Islamic public opinion to back the unarmed Palestinian People for the restoration of their usurped rights. Hail in this juncture the spirit of His Eminence the late Imam Khomeini, for his unlimited support to the Palestinian cause and Al-Qods Al-Sharif.

15-    In loyalty to the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, and in support of the detainees and lost individuals, and to rekindle the spirit of resistance against the criminal Israeli aggression, declare Friday 27 Ramadan 1435, corresponding to 25th July, 2014, a day of general mourning in all States of PUIC Member Parliaments.

16-    Express our commendation and appreciation of the continuous efforts deployed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in support and backing of the Palestinian Cause and express also our utmost thanks and gratitude to the Islamic Parliament of Iran, and to His Excellency Dr. Ali Larijani, President of the Ninth Session of the PUIC Conference for hosting this important meeting, wishing the steadfast Palestinian People victory and glory.