Final Report of the 4th Meeting of the Standing Committee on Palestine

Rabat – Kingdom of Morocco
11th June, 2014

In response to the kind invitation extended by the House of Councilors o the sisterly Kingdom of Morocco, the PUIC Committee on Palestine held its Fourth Meeting in Rabat, on 11th June, 2014, in the presence of its members as stated in the attached list.

The Committee adopted its agenda which included:
-     Speech of H.E. the PUIC Secretary General.
-    Discussing the recent developments in the Palestinian arena
-    Preparing an international campaign to follow up the issue of administrative detentions and expose the Israeli racist laws and regulations which are contrary to international law.    
The Meeting was opened by an exhaustive speech of H.E. Mr. Rashid Talibi Alami, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco, in which he highlighted the importance of the environment created by the atmosphere of Palestinian reconciliation, and the opening up of wider horizons for its support and giving it prominence. His Excellency spoke about the support accorded by the Kingdom of Morocco to the progress of the Palestinian cause, as well as the close attachment of Moroccans to Al-Quds. He also referred to the chairmanship of His Majesty the King of Morocco of the Bayet Mal Al-Quds Agency, and his support of the steadfastness of the Maghdesi citizens and prevalence of the cause.

He was followed by H.E. Dr. Mohammad Sheikh Biadillah, Speaker of the House of Counselors of Morocco.  His Excellency stated that the Meeting is coinciding with the Palestinian reconciliation which is apt to strengthen Palestinian ranks and place Palestine’s interest in the forefront. He commended the visit of the Pope of the Vatican to the State of Palestine, and the visit of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) to the Vatican, both of which are considered as important messages to the Christians to support the Palestinian cause. His Excellency referred to the international efforts aimed at reviving the peace process which is always impeded by Israel’s intransigence, such as continuing to establish settlements and not abiding by the agreed references, especially the relevant UN resolutions.

Then H.E. the PUIC Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Mahmud Erol KILIC took the floor. In his speech, he lauded the Palestinian reconciliation, and called for following up and implementing the resolutions adopted by the third Meeting of Al-Quds Committee, namely:

  1. Supporting Bayet Mal Al Quds Agency.
    2.    Extending financial assistance to all Palestine.
    3.    Organizing diplomatic and media campaigns for the triumph of the Palestinian cause.
    4.    Forming a Committee on Palestine in all PUIC Member Parliaments.

Most recent developments in the Palestinian arena :

His Excellency Dr. Faisal Abu Shahla made a detailed presentation of the most recent developments in the Palestinian arena. In the beginning he thanked the Kingdom of Morocco for hosting the proceedings of the Committee in this sensitive circumstance in which the people of Palestine are in dire need for material, political, diplomatic and legal support.

He addressed the issue of administrative detainees in the prisons of the occupation authorities, and their hunger strike as well as Israel’s non-commitment to release the last batch of detainees, and for continuing to detain members of the Palestine National Council. He held Israel responsible for the failure of the negotiations due to its non-recognition of the borders of the Palestine State, and continuation to build settlements.

Following continuous deliberations and exchange of views in an atmosphere pervaded by a spirit of solidarity and strength of political will to achieve the triumph of the just Palestinian cause, the Committee concluded by adopting the  following communique:-

  1.  Emphasizing that the Palestinian cause shall remain the main focal cause which makes it incumbent on our states, parliaments and civil organizations in the OIC space, to cooperate among themselves, and coordinate in international and regional fora aimed at extending support to this cause, defending it and standing by its side.
  2.  Also emphasizing that the city of Al Quds is an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories, as enshrined in the international and UN resolutions, strongly condemning the persistent and repeated violations perpetrated by the Israeli occupation authorities aimed at obliterating the landmarks of the City through erection of the racist separation wall, excavation works underneath the blessed  Al Aqsa Mosque, building Jewish settlements, and carrying out illegal practices to juidaize  the city and alter its Islamic and Arab features.
  3.  Welcoming and praising the achievement of Palestinian national unity, considering it the corner stone for rejuvenating  the Palestinian drive aimed at realizing its sublime objectives of total liberation of the Palestinian soil, and the establishment of the Palestinian independent  state with Al Quds as its capital.
  4.  Calling on PUIC member parliaments and their respective governments to support the new Palestinian government of National conciliation, materially, politically, morally and diplomatically, so as  to enable it to perform its mandated duties towards its people and their legitimate national aspirations.
  5.  Emphasizing the importance of following up and implementing the adopted resolutions on the Palestinian cause, particularly those relating to ensuring the political and civil rights of the Palestinian People to enable them to establish their state with Al-Quds as its capital.
  6.  Calling for lifting the siege imposed on the Palestinian People, especially in Gaza Strip, and for supporting the steadfastness of the Maghdesi citizens and for carrying out serious action to release immediately administrative detainees and prisoners and condemning the criminal Israeli practices of torturing, isolating and humiliating them as well as forcing them to take food so as to break their steadfastness  as well as demanding to put an end to all juidization operations of the Pal estinian soil and Al-Quds as perpetrated by the Israeli occupation authorities.
  7.  Commending the contributions of OIC Member States in Al Quds Fund, and the other similar Palestinian funds; calling on these States to increase and diversify their support and hoping that all the Member States would feel duty- bound to extend contributions and expected assistance.
  8.  Welcoming the visit of Pope Francis to the State of Palestine considering it as support and encouragement for the Christians in the region and the world to champion the just Palestinian cause and also welcoming the call of the Pope to achieve just peace in the Middle East region and the establishment of the Palestinian state.
  9.  Commending the material, moral and political support which is made available by peace-loving friendly States as well as civil society organizations in all parts of the globe for the triumph of the just Palestinian cause, and to assist its steadfast heroic people to realize their just national objectives.
  10.  Holding Israel fully responsible for the failure of the negotiations due to its non-recognition of the borders of the State of Palestine and its persistence in its settlement policy, and non-compliance   with the relevant international and legal references.
  11.  Calling upon the PUIC President to address messages to regional parliaments specially European, African, and South American parliaments , urging them to maintain effective solidarity for defending the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people,
  12. Stressing that resistance to occupation in all its forms is an inherent right of the Palestinian people.
  13.  Calling upon PUIC Member Parliaments to make the Palestinian cause a national cause in all the Member Parliaments, and place it in the scale of priorities, and be committed by a unified Islamic stance thereon in international fora.  
  14.  Emphasizing rejection of Jewishness of the Israeli State and strongly supporting the stance of the Palestinian leadership and people which rejects recognition the Jewishness of the Hebrew State.
  15.  Strongly condemning the Israeli barbaric attack on Al Aqsa Mosque and the attempt to impose time and place division, and stressing that this violation constitutes a red line which must not be overstepped, and that our States must resist and stop it withal available means and mechanisms. Praising in this respect, the valiant and responsible stances of all competent organizations and their staff who are dedicated to the protection and defence of blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  16.  Requesting the governments of member parliaments to protest vis-a-vis the States which consider occupied Al Quds as among disputed regions.   
  17.  Expressing its commendation and total satisfaction for the continuous efforts of His Majesty King Mohammad VI, King of Morocco and President of the OIC Al Quds Committee, for the victory of the Palestinian Cause, and for his supervision of Bayet Mal Al Quds Agency, as well as His Majesty’s unlimited support to the steadfastness of the Maghdesi citizens, wishing His Majesty permanent success and guidance in serving the just causes of our glorious Islamic Ummah. 

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