Rabat Declaration of The 32nd Meeting of The Executive Committee

Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco
10 June, 2014

We, Members of the PUIC Executive Committee, meeting held in Rabat, capital city of the sisterly Kingdom of Morocco, on 10th June 2014, in the context of the Thirty-Second Meeting of the Executive Committee, in response to the kind invitation extended by the Parliament of  the Kingdom of Morocco,
Declare as follows:

1-    Emphasizing that the cause of Palestine is the focal cause of Muslims which makes it necessary for all our states and Parliaments to coordinate their stances in international and regional fora in support and defence of this cause.

2-    Praising and welcoming achievement of the Palestinian national reconciliation, and calling for supporting the new Palestinian government, materially, morally, politically and diplomatically in such a way as to enable it to perform its duties.

3-    Condemning the Israeli futile attempts and provocative attitudes to undermine the Palestinian national reconciliation, and strongly condemning establishment of establishing new settlements in occupied Eastern Al-Quds and the West Bank.

4-    Declaring our condemnation of all forms of terrorism, and rejecting exploitation of true Islamic religion to carry out wrongful practices which imperil the lives of peaceful people and lead to their demise.

5-    Emphasizing the importance of realizing the spirit of brotherhood, cooperation and love among our sisterly States and inviting Muslim peoples to exert real efforts to advance dialogue and understanding, as well as commending the resolutions which have been adopted by the Ninth PUIC Conference, held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, on 18 – 19 February 2014, in this regard.
6-    Stressing our commitment and responsibility for preserving and enhancing the PUIC achievements which have been realized during more than a decade of ceaseless work deployed by Member Parliaments, and calling for further cooperation and joint action along this road on the light of the PUIC Statute which has been amended by the Extraordinary PUIC Conference, held in Abu Dhabi, State of the United Arab Emirates, on 19th January 2011.

7-    Calling for reforming the United Nations institutions in order to achieve security and just peace among all peoples.

8-    Expressing our thanks and appreciation of the sublime patronage accorded by His Majesty King Mohammad VI, may Allah preserve him, to the proceedings of our meeting, and for his continuous support to the progress of our Union, as well as his Majesty’s support to the Palestinian cause and the steadfastness of Maghdesi citizens.