Agenda of the 3rd Conference of the Muslim Women Parliamentarians

Tehran – Islamic Republic of Iran
16  Rabi Ul Thani, 1435
16 February, 2014


09.00 TO 10.45 HOURS
10.45 TO 11.00 Coffee Break

11.00 TO 12.00 HOURS

1. Election of the Members of the Bureau as follows:

1.1    President of the Conference.
1.2    Vice-President from the African Group.
1.3    Vice-President from the Arab Group.
1.4    Rapporteur.

2.    Adoption of the Agenda and the Programme of Work of the Conference.
3.    Report of the PUIC Secretary General.
4.    Report of the Bureau of the Second Conference on progress made in implementing the Khartoum Declaration adopted by the Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians.
5.    Acting to implement an Islamic document on the rights of Muslim Women.
6.    Drawing up the Rules of Procedure for the Muslim Women Parliamentarians.
7.    Date and Venue of the forthcoming Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians.
8.    Role of Islamic Organizations and civil society institutions in the Member States in protecting the basic rights ensured by Islam for Women.
9.    Women abilities for solving problems and conflicts.
10.    Protecting Muslim Women and Children in areas under occupation and conflicts, especially in Palestine, and other conflict ridden countries.
11.    Preventing domestic violence against women and children and refraining from exploiting women in cheap commercial ads.
12.    Any other business.

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