Meeting of the Standing Committee on Palestine at the Level of Speakers of the Committee Member Parliaments

The 9th Session of the PUIC Conference
"Islamic Parliaments, Solidarity, Progress, Justice"
Tehran – Islamic Republic of Iran
14 Rabi Thani 1435h
14 February, 2014

In the framework of the events of the 9th PUIC Conference, held in Tehran, and following the convening of the 3rd Meeting of the Standing Committee on Palestine on 14th February, 2014 which requested holding a meeting of the Committee at the level of Speakers of the Committee Member Pareliaments, this meeting was held at 11.15 hours on 19th February, 2014 chaired by H.E.DR. ALI LARIJANI, Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran.

After a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani spoke about development of the Iranian Arab relations, especially with Palestine, in the period following the triump of the Islamic Revolution in Iran led by Iman Khomeni (May Allah be pleased with Him), when the position of Iran on Arab issues, primarily the Plaestinian Cause, changed radically.  The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament referred tro the attempts made by international powers to turn the cause of Palestine into a forgotten issue.  Howewver, Muslim peoples were, and shall remain, able to thward such attempts.  He referred also to the fact that the zionist entity has received painful blows from the Islamic resistance over the past ten years, and that we must avail ourselves of the opportunity to emphasize our support and backing of the Palestinians.

Then the Speaker of the Palestine National Council (PNC) Mr. Salim Al Zanoon, took the floor and warned that Al Aqsa Mosque may receive the same fate as that of the blessed Ibrahimi Mosque in Al Khalil.

The PNC Speaker spoke about the continous shedding of blood in Syria, stressing the imperative of finding a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.  He affirmed that the interest of the Palestinian people lies in the unity of the Arab and Islamic nations, and that the Palestinians see in this unity the liberation of Al Quds.

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Salah Zawawi underlined Iranian-Arab relations which are based on two pillars : Islam and Palestine.  He said that it is the source of pride and glory that Iran is poking its finger into Israel’s eyes.  He alluded to the saying which Imam Khomenie (MABPH)) uttered after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran; (Iran today, Palestine tomorrow)’.  He also referred to the fact that the Embassy of Palestine in Tehran has occupied the place of the Israeli embassy which existed during the reign of the Shah, and the flooding of the Palestine Embassy by thousands of Iranian youth who volunteered to go to Palestine and fight the zionist enemy.

H.E. the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Mr. Osama Al Nujaifi stated that Palestine is in the heart of every Arab and Muslim.  We cannot forget Palestine whatever the enemies tried (to make us do that).  He further stated we have to support the Palesinians, politically and materially; we can exctend a lot (of support).  We may not mobilize armies, but we can assist Gaza by mending its relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt.  He also added that the cause of Palestine must not be counted in the records of one Egypt faction.  The Egyptian people have fought and made sacrifices for Palestine.

H.E. Mr. Osama Al Nujaifi proposed adopting a recommendation on mending relations with Egypt.  He also demanded realizing Palestinian reconciliation with OIC participation.  He proposed to form a delegation of Parliament Speakers aimed at continuing efforts for achieving the afore-mentioned reconciliation.

After the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament proposed formation of a delegation of Parliament Speakers, H.E. Dr. Larijani expressed the hope that H.E. Mr. Al Nujaifi would accept the responsibility for commenably following up this proposal.

The Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament then took the floor.  He mentioned that the first committee constituted in the Jordanian Parliament was the “Palestine Committee”.  He lauded the poropposal of the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament on the formation of a delegation to solve differences and achieve Palestinian reconciliation.

He also proposed to consitute a delegation to visit Gaza and Palestine, and proposed the readiness of Jordan to host the next meeting of the Committee on Palestine. (It has been agreed later on between His Excellency the Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament and His Excellency the head of the delegation of the Kingdom of Morocco that the Moroccan Parliament shall host the next meeting of the Committee on Palesine, which was announced at the closing session of the Conference).

The Speaker of the Algerian Parliament took the floor and stated we stand by the side of Palestine in all cases.  Palestine mostly suffers oppression.

The Speaker of the UAE Federal National Council then took the floor and stressed the importance of preserving the historical memory of Palestine.  He recalled the words uttered by somene who said “ You are the worst defenders of a just cause”.  He went on to say that we do not lack sentiments, however we do not know how to turn sentiments and sympathy into tangible actions.

Then the Speaker of the Grand Nartional Assembly of Turkey spoke, and expressed the hope for an end to the prevailing conditions affecting developments of the Palestinian cause.  He stressed that Turkey employs its energies in support of the Palestinian people.  He indicated that Muslim countries are seeking to put an end to the crictal  situation.  He emphasized the stance of Turkey which advocates a return to the 1967 borders and that Al
Quds must be the capital of Palestine.

The Speaker of the Turkish Assembly requested the Palestinians to resolve their differences and achieve national reconciliation.  In this respect he proposed the formation of a 5-member committee to address Palestinian differences, on condition that the Palestinians  carry further action before taking any step in this direction.  He underlined the necessity of extending humanitarian assistance by all Muslim states.  He underscored Turkey’s offer of assistance of US$200 million until now.

The next speaker was head of the delegation of Senegal, who welcomed the proposals made at the meeting.  He added that if Israel felt that the issue is between it and the Islamic Nation, Israel would reconsider its calculations.  He expressed the hope for realizing reconciliation between the Palestinain borthers.  He thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for the efforts it exerts on behalf of the Islamic Ummah in all fields of science, knowledge and modern technologies.

The head of the Bahraini delegation called for intensifying efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation.  He stated that many Palestianian brothers are now behind prison bars and we ought to begin from this point.

The head of the Moroccan delegation called for taking into consideration all the proposals presented at the meeting.  He pointed out that we lack on action plan that would enable us to energize the good intentions.  He proposed entry into a new turning point, and proposed the formation of a reconciliation committee and to put in place the following measures:-

1.    To define the focus of financial support for the Palestinians in Gaza and in all Palestine.  How do we address the financial issue even if we have to deduct from our salaries.
2.    To launch a diplomatic campain during which we make contacts in order to emphasize our activity before the eyes of the enemy.
3.    To support media action in order to know how to face the enemy, now we are addressing ourselves in our media.

Mr. Naser Soudani, MP of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, and Chairman of the Third Meeting of the Committee on Palestine, held on 14.2.2014, requested implementation of the resolutions adopted by the Third Meeting of the Committee.

The reporesentative of the Republic of Chad dealt in his statement with the Palestinian cause and pointed out the necessity of supporting this wronged people in the face of zionist aggression.

The last speaker in the meeting was Dr. Qutubi Al Mahdi, head of the delegation of the National Assembly of the Sudan.  He said that Al Quds is now being swallowed up by Israel.  He enquired whether this matter is included in the agendas of our parliaments, and whether, we, as Parliamentarins question our ministers about action taken as regards the issue of Palestine and whether we have a strategy or disperate stances of diffrerent countries.  He proposed that the Islamic world must dedicate endowments in favour of Palestine, and requested to establish permanent endowment for Al Aqsa Mosque in all states of the Islamic world.

At the close of the meeting, Speaker Larijani stressed that the meeting has disclosed the attention paid by the PUIC Member Parliaments to the cuase of Palestine as well as the sense of responsibility of all for this focal issue.  This makes it obligatory on us to undertake the necessary measures in this respect.  

He further stated that the message of this meeting is that Palestine stands steadfast and that the Muslim Ummah is on the side of Palestine in order to enhance its steadfastness.

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