Report of the 3rd Meeting of the Standing Committee on Palestine

The 9th Session of the PUIC Conference
"Islamic Parliaments, Solidarity, Progress, Justice"
Tehran – Islamic Republic of Iran
14 Rabi Thani 1435H
14 February, 2014

1.  The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Dr. Nassr Sudani, Member of the Iranian Islamic Parliament, and in the presence of H. E. the Secretary General, and Assistant Secretary General and representatives of the Member Parliaments of the Standing Committee on Palestine, in addition to some of the delegations wishing to attend, other than the Committee members (Attendance List: Annex No. SSCP/3-2014/LIST-see Page 419)
2.    The meeting adopted its agenda (Annex No. SSCP/3-2014/DA.1/FINAL see page 149)
3.    His Excellency the Secretary General delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendants and thanked them for participating in the meeting. He emphasized the Islamic Ummah's concern over the Palestine cause as the central cause of the Islamic world.
4.    Detailed discussions took place over the election of 6 members of the Committee on Palestine, to complete the membership. The matter has been referred to the Executive Committee which decided to add four new members, namely: Algeria, Guinea (Conakry), Saudi Arabia and Sudan. It was decided to complete the number during the next Session.
5.    The Palestinian delegation participating in the meeting explained the latest developments taking place on the Palestinian arena, focusing on:
•    The Zionist attempt to partition Al-Aqsa Mosque and its precincts, in time and place. This necessitates providing material support to Al-Quds Fund, and declaring the Islamic stance that Al-Quds is a red Islamic line which cannot be crossed, as well as emphasizing that Al-Quds is the spiritual capital of the entire Islamic Nation.
•    The aggravation of the crisis resulting from the continuation of the siege on the Gaza Strip, demanding the condemning Israel in international fora, especially in the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU), whose president strongly condemned Israeli settlement and commendably expressed his support of the Palestinian cause.
•    The continuation of Israeli attempts to impose recognition of the Jewishness of the Israeli state and threats to Palestinian leaderships that reject this stance.
•    Affirming the right of Palestinians to resist and defend national parameters aimed at establishing the independent Palestinian state with al Quds as its capital, and the right of Palestinian refugees to return in accordance with United Nations resolutions, and calling upon Islamic states to make available economic and political support to confront Israeli and American pressures.
•    Affirming the necessity of finalizing Palestinian reconciliation, and ending the state of division, which constitutes the most serious problem that has befallen the Palestinian cause, And urging parties to start quick negotiations based on Doha and Cairo agreements as well as constituting a government of national accord.

After extensive discussion and numerous interventions by the delegations participating in the meeting, the 3rd Meeting concluded with the following recommendations:

1.  Affirming that Palestine is one country that cannot be dismantled geographically or demographically and that the West Bank and Gaza Strip constitute one nation belonging to one people.
2.    Palestinian reconciliation is an inevitable necessity that cannot be avoided, and it is incumbent on all those who can do so to urge the Palestinian parties to finalize the reconciliation process and apply it on the ground;
3.     The urgency of confronting attempts aimed at marginalizing the Palestinian cause;
4.    Calling upon State of PUIC Member Parliaments to amend their educational curricula so that the coming generations do not forget the Palestinian cause;
5.    Establishing Committees of Friendship with Palestine within each of the Islamic state parliaments;
6.    Agreeing on holding another meeting of the Standing Committee on Palestine at the level of the speakers of member parliaments of the Committee during the two days of the 9th Session of the PUIC Conference (18 – 19 February 2014), if the General Secretariat is able to include the meeting within the program;
7.    Expressing appreciation for the efforts of our Palestinian brothers in bringing the Palestinian voice to the various decision-making centers in the world;

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