Adopted by the 9th Session of the PUIC Conference
"Islamic Parliaments, Solidarity, Progress, Justice"
Tehran – Islamic Republic of Iran

18 -19 February, 2014


We, the Speakers of Islamic parliaments and assemblies of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (PUIC) Member States, meeting in 9TH Session of the PUIC Conference held in  Tehran, Capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on 18 - 19 February, 2014,

Commending the wisdom, courage and responsibility of the founders of the PUIC towards the genuine aspirations of human beings including the necessity of safeguarding freedom, independence and action in order to fully realize justice and development in the
international community,

Recalling the continued and relentless struggle of our nations against all forms of evil such as colonialism and foreign intervention, and occupation as well as hegemony, tyranny, slavery, racism, hatred and extremism which have deprived our peoples for many years from their human, political, economic, cultural and social rights and have impeded the realization of equitable, sustainable and balanced development of our countries and the establishment of global peace and security in the world,

Emphasizing our commitment and responsibility to safeguard and strengthen the achievements of the PUIC which is the outcome of more than a decade of incessant efforts of the Member Parliaments and assemblies,

Reiterating our commitment towards energizing and realizing the PUIC objectives and principles, which we believe are integral parts of the peace processes, democracy and stability in the Islamic world and to properly pave the way for involving the Islamic Ummah in the building of a developed, secure and stable world, and ensuring  wellbeing and happiness of all the humankind,

Appreciating the active, outstanding and influential role of the PUIC in dealing with important and vital issues of the international community, which is a clear manifestation of the fact that the PUIC is increasingly developing and transforming into a well-known comprehensive institution embracing Islamic parliaments and assemblies for consultation and taking action on issues of concern to the Muslims and the whole human society based on supreme values such as justice, democracy and benevolence for all. It is worthwhile to note that this undeniable reality and popular identity of the legislative and consultative assemblies in our countries can render the PUIC the independent and truthful voice of the Muslim nations in the context of achieving independence, justice and equality,

Emphasizing the fact that justice, peace and security on one hand, and sustainable development on the other, are mutually supportive and that the simultaneous, balanced and fair embodiment of such values should be the prime priority on the agenda
of the countries and regional and international organizations,

Recognizing the significance of managing relations between governments based on respect to the principles of national sovereignty, equality, rejection of foreign intervention and the commitment of all states to observe justice, eradicate poverty and coordinating balanced plans for economic growth, social development and environment protection;

Reiterating that the diversity of traditions, cultures and beliefs among the nations is a valuable factor for guaranteeing noble values such as freedom, justice, equality and tolerance;

Restating our commitment to strengthening collective efforts based on constructive dialogue and decision making based on consensus within the frameworks of the PUIC, and expressing the hope that all the international and regional organizations and organs, particularly the PUIC, welcome this constructive method as a civilized way to identify the root causes of problems both at the national and world levels and present the suitable solution for them. Thus, national objectives and peoples interests are realized in a peaceful manner for the benefit of all,

Welcoming the enhancement of the culture of peace and dialogue, cultural diversity, justice, equality, contribution of women and youth in domestic and international arenas, and guaranteeing respect to human rights and its implementation,

Expressing deep concern over the continuation of unilateral and hegemonic policies, illegal resort to war and arrogant acts, the emergence of new forms of colonialism, the imposition of values, racism and discrimination, including abuse of religions and schools of thought, foreign intervention and occupation, violence and extremism, terrorism and the use of discriminatory methods such as economic and financial sanctions for imposing hegemonic policies,

Expressing Also concern over the lack of effective solutions or visions towards global issues such as global disarmament, human rights and democracy, self-determination, the situation in the Middle East especially the issue of Palestine, the spread of violence and extremism in the world, reforming the United Nations, sanctions, effectuating the dialogue among civilizations and religions, financial and economic crises, sustainable development and surmount obstacles to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, maintaining peace and food security, humanitarian assistance in natural disasters, special needs of Africa, communicable and non-communicable diseases, more effective participation of women and youth in social life, climate change, energy, illicit drug and human trafficking, terrorism and particularly state terrorism; stating that overcoming these problems requires global action based on promoting justice in international relations, strengthening good governance and ensuring effective participation of all States in coping with these problems,  

Presenting the most intimate felicitations to the Parliament and people of Iran for the successful organization of the Ninth Conference of the PUIC, and especially for assuming the presidency of the Ninth Session by H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani, the Honorable Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran,

Being inspired by the goals and principles of the PUIC and for the purpose of the effective implementation of the provisions of the final communique of the Ninth Session, declare the following:

1-    Respecting the equal rights and responsibilities of governments, the national sovereignty right and all the inherent rights enshrined in the principle of the sovereignty of peoples and in particular the right to respect equality, territorial integrity, political freedom and independence, free and fair elections and the development of political, social, economic and cultural systems in harmony with the free exercise of self-determination, and the necessity of basing foreign relations on mutual respect and interest.

2-    Denouncing the use or threat of using force and foreign interference in the domestic affairs of other countries or foreign occupation which are all conflicting with the principles of the international law and other internationally recognized norms, especially the Charter of the United Nations.

3-    Deciding to refrain from any kind of intervention in the internal affairs of another country, including military intervention or threating to use force; express our deep concern about any military, political, cultural or religious action, or any kind of intervention in the affairs of nations as a tool for settling disputes among states.      

4-    Reiterating our commitment to avoid any action that may lead to escalation of situations causing deterioration of the situation and raise the possibilities of creating pretexts for foreign interventions. Seek to promote dialogue as a means for settling differences and crises peacefully in accordance with the UN Charter and international conventions as well as other peaceful mechanisms and arrangements to be agreed on by the parties to differences or disputes.

5-    Stressing the importance of the political will and the right of suffrage for our peoples being the main source of applying real reforms in the internal regimes and reject providing any direct or indirect support to the groups that call for violence, and extremism and terrorism, such groups that use sabotage or other similar actions aiming at overthrowing the political regimes of other countries and effect changes by use of force and non-democratic ways.

6-    Expressing our strong support for the undeniable rights of the people under foreign occupation and the necessity of exercising the right of self-determination in accordance with the UN Charter and rules of international law. In this respect, we re-emphasize, particularly, the necessity and urgency of observing and implementing the UN resolutions, reiterate our permanent support and solidarity with the sacred Palestinian cause and express our strong commitment to supporting the people of Palestine in their just struggle against the occupying and illegitimate Zionist entity

7-    Demanding strongly the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons in the world stressing the fact that the equal and simultaneous rights between all states are inseparable, in implementing the provisions of relevant international conventions. Reiterating the established right of all peoples to possess, use, and develop nuclear energy and technology for peaceful purposes.

8-    Stressing the necessity for the occupying Zionist entity to abide by the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons, as a prerequisite for ensuring security and stability in the Middle East and requesting the UN to compel the occupying Zionist entity to accede, immediately and unconditionally, to the NPT and accept to subject all its nuclear facilities and programs to the IAEA's inspection regime.

9-    Supporting the establishing of ground for enhancing banking, economic, commercial and financial relations, without discrimination among peoples, particularly PUIC members, through promoting and deepening regional and sub-regional cooperation aimed at achieving sustainable development and creating equitable conditions for reaching the required economic development, increasing local production and raising the volume of trade among member states and consequently help creating productive work opportunities in national economies and accelerate the rate of economic progress in order to eliminate poverty and reach other important objectives enshrined in the Millennium Development Goals document.

10-    Condemning strongly the hateful exercise of economic, financial and discriminatory sanctions for realizing illegitimate political ends which are blatantly in conflict with international laws and have negative impacts on the local economies, especially the private sector and the lives of innocent people.

11-    Emphasizing full commitment to observing and implementing principles of human rights and basic freedoms and improving common human values among all civilizations including freedom, justice, equality, solidarity and tolerance which Islam strongly focuses on. Reiterating, as well, that international human rights should be considered as an indivisible whole which are derived from all the living civilizations and cultures across the world, and all its dimensions should be implemented based on consensus and collective, balanced, non-selective, impartial, realistic and transparent cooperation with emphasis on conducting constructive dialogue and creating capacities while observing religious, cultural and national specifities of nations.

12-     Aspiring to advance the rights of women, youth and children, especially to make women legally versant aimed at promoting her role and status in local communities and at the international level, especially in states which have seriously disregarded the participation of this huge category in the activities of their societies and considering this as one of the domestic priorities and an important subject of joint cooperation.

13-     Declare our collective will to confront phenomena and practices with extra territorial effect which include all forms and manifestations of terrorism, especially state terrorism and transnational organized crime, including human trafficking and smuggling small and light arms, illicit trafficking of drugs and maritime piracy, as well as communicable and non-communicable diseases and natural disasters and  considering the synergy of members' efforts to play a more influential role in impacting international and regional organizations in the context of the statute and resolution of the PUIC, as a necessary step towards enhancing security and stability of the Islamic community.  

14-    Calling upon Islamic peoples to exert serious and realistic efforts to promote dialogue and understanding aimed at advancing mutual understanding between people and various Islamic communities as well as avoiding violence and extremism and expressing our deep concern over the regression of prevalence of democratic values in international relations which has led to the ineffectual managing the world and the emergence of the current crises and tensions at international level.        

15-    Emphasizing the necessity of implementing genuine, continuous and sustainable reforms in order of force on the hierarchy of the international community aimed at increasing the participation of developing countries, especially Islamic States, in governing world affairs and considering the overall reform of the United Nations and other international economic and developmental institutions and organizations as a means for achieving this important objective.

16-    Reiterating the principles and objectives enshrined in the PUIC Statute, and considering the concept of more effective participation of the Union in addressing and managing world issues necessitates increasing PUIC abilities and capacities so as to assume a more effective role in reforming the present structure of world governance through focusing on the elements of justice, equality, Islamic morals, in addition to enhancing the multiplicity of the serious parties and reforms of the UN, and advancing the status of the three elements "Comprehensiveness", "transparency" and "effectiveness" in world management.

17-    Supporting the necessity of continuously seeking the necessary ways and means to enhance the role and position of the Union, including strengthening its mechanisms so that they may attain more coordination and effectiveness so as to cope more effectively and adequately with international and regional situations and crises and  welcoming in this respect the possibility of studying the enhancement of potentials and increasing the internal harmony and coordination as well as public relations of the Union, and taking necessary measures to optimally follow up the implementation of the resolutions adopted by the PUIC Conference in Tehran.

18-    Welcoming the consolidation of relations and interactions between PUIC member parliaments and international and regional organizations and arrangements aimed at enhancing the status of the Union in the Islamic world and at the international level.

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