Saturday 19 January 2013
7 Rabi Awal 1434


The almighty says "o ye people fear your lord  who created you from a single soul and of its kind created its mate and fear ALLAH in whose name you appeal to one another and fear  him particularly respecting ties of kinship verily  ALLAH watches over you”

We the Muslims Women parliamentarians,

Participating in the Second Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians having met here on Khartoum 19 January 2013 corresponding to 7 Rabi Awal 1434H within the framework of the 8th Session of the PUIC Conference.

Having determined to promote positive interaction with life through reinforcing the human motives established by Islam,

Acknowledging the Islamic reference in liberating submission and real enslavement to God.

Stress on genuine support to the Messenger "peace be upon him” through promoting his comprehensive call and final message as well as enabling his lofty values and sunna which guide us to honoring women.

Out of liberating submission to ALLAH and supporting his Messenger “peace be upon him” we reaffirm the following:

1-    The importance of science and knowledge for women as we are a nation of  “Read”, so without acquiring knowledge we shall continue to be hostage to developments obligations and rights wasting traditions.

2-    Underscore our determination to look forward on the basis of community awareness, to the lofty Islamic concept, to draw up the milestones of a leading role towards future in a world of interrelated culture and connected people, while there is no place for lagging culture and isolatory opinions without the language of communication and dialogue.

3-    Reiterate that man’s dignity cannot be acquired without liberating him from weakness, poverty and fear causes so that the nation may be able to introduce a Muslim active, productive and contributing woman who does not constitutes a burden to society but has the ability to give.

4-    Adopt smart strategies to benefit from globalization mechanisms in introducing a Muslim woman clinging to her religion and taking pride in her identify as a family stronghold and community pillar.

We are convinced that:

Islam is the one which saved her from being buried alive, gave her right to life and liberated her and man from all kinds of submission except to God Almighty, consequently, Islam ban all other kinds of being buried alive, therefore every effort should be exerted to reinforce Islam with its sublime values in support of women.
We reaffirm:

•    The need to incorporate the role of women in political development which is influenced by a number of economic, social and political factors closely connected with the prevailing situations, and hence;

•    Shura should be popularized along with adopting the necessary measures contributing to her empowerment.

•    Defining her rights and performing duties generously.

•    Islamic countries should adopt policies contributing to women empowerment and strengthening her role in political development.
•    It is important to bring together financial, intellectual, human and geographical elements, inherent in the Islamic countries, in order to disintegrate mechanisms of violence, poverty and ignorance to bring about comprehensive, deserved civilizational renaissance.

We also reiterate:

•    Inviting the nation and leadership to work towards creating the environment in which the language of peace prevails over together with promoting culture, security, serenity and justice.

•    The Muslim women and the women all over the world, are in need of peace which requires a will bigger than the will of launching war, hence, without peace all the families and communities will perish.

•    Reinforcing peace values and characteristics and solidifying them in communities until the wars and conflicts come to an end, because they are mere emergency phenomenon but peace is the essence.

•     According to a will of Al-Mustafa: "Those who treats them well are generous persons, and those who abuses them are mean persons", and in this regard we see:

•    The need to promote and harness Potentials to halt violence against women and exploiting her as an advertising tool for goods promotion which is against her dignity and all her human rights and in this case:

•    This exploitation should be considered as a sort of slavery and violence perpetrated against her.

•    The Islamic world, which owns its own will, values and financial strength, should put in place the mechanisms to prevent this practice.
We reaffirm:

•    The right of Muslim woman and her participation in public life is not a favour or something to be begged but it is a fundamental right until the nation shoulder its full responsibility and realize succession principle on the planet, where there are no disputes or differences between women and men, and the prevailing criteria will be complementary, shared role and responsibility.

•    We reiterate the importance of adopting new roles in the backing up process on the basis of previous initiatives which have a social character from which they gear towards very wide horizons in support of the women cause in Palestine, and the Muslim vulnerable minorities facing persecution acts.

Finally, we invite the PUIC Member States to adopt the following:

1-    Adoption and approval of the Muslim women rights document and taking all the necessary measures to put it in force.

2-    Establishing a network for the Muslim Women parliamentarians who contribute to deepening the bonds of co-operation and exchanging experiences among them.

3-    Taking the measures and developing polices for women's full and effective participation in parliaments, legislative councils and unions to contribute to advancement of the Muslim Nation.

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