CD No.4 June 2010

The Forth CD of the PUIC was distributed to all participants during First Extraordinary Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States on Lifiting the Unjust Blockade off Gaza which was held in Syria, 30 June 2010. It included  the Preparatory Document of The First Extraordinary Conference of The Parliamentary Union of The OIC Member States on Lifiting The Unjust Blockade Off Gaza and all the previous meetings of the PUIC in 3 languages and PDF Format, PowerPoint program for introducing the PUIC Website in English and PUIC Publications: Bulletins (From No. 1 to No.6) in 3 languages PUIC Directory 2010 in English and 10th Anniversary of the PUIC in 3 languages and Regulations of the PUIC: About PUIC, Statute and Rules of the PUIC organs in 3 languages and in PDF Format.