27 JANUARY 2012

1.    We, representatives of the Muslim Women Parliaments IN PUIC Member Parliaments as well as other honourable delegations participating in the 1st Conference of the Muslim Women Parliamentarians of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC member States (PUIC) held in Palembang, Indonesia, January 27th, 2012, hereby declare the result of our deliberations as follows:

2.    As women are also citizen of the world, we consider that it is essential to involve as many women in the socio-political life of their respective countries, as well as the Muslim world. We feel concerned over the paucity of participation of Muslim Women, and urge all member states of the PUIC to take action to address with this situation.

3.    As always represented in the Holy Quran, women have the same opportunity as their men counterparts in public areas. We shall recognize the equal rights of women and men in all aspects such as education, employment, business, and their active participation in the socio-political life.

4.    In this framework, women shall be given the same equal opportunity with men to pursue higher and better education, as they are also the milestone for the next generation. A good education will expand opportunities and horizons for women in exploring political life of their respective countries. Therefore women can take a better role in national democracy and development.

5.    Enhancing the involvement of women in decision making process is fundamental to the advancement of mankind as well as to promote sustainable development for the people across the world.

6.    Contrary to Islamic values still there is recognition of the negative and disfigured image of the Muslim women by the non-Muslim world. In some regions the stereo typical image of the position of Muslim women still predominates and may impeach the continuation of empowering women.

7.    There is an increasing feeling of lack of trust in fear between the west and the Islamic world which needs rectifying. We believe that this misconception on both sides maybe treated through closer relationship and open contacts between Muslim and non-Muslim sides. 

8.    It is encombant on Muslim across the World to act together and cooperate to strengthening the real values of Islam, including Modern peaceful values. We shall effectively contribute to the projection of Islam   a religion that ensures complete protection for women rights and encourages their participation in all aspects of development.

9.    We acknowledge that most important issues that threaten the cohesion of the Muslim family is constituted by violations of human rights.  In this respect Islam has recognized that the basic right of women is the same noble rights of men, such as the equality in bearing and sharing personnel responsibilities.

10.    We on our side encourage all member states to promote a more balanced role between men and women in all aspects of family life, and consider the family as the foundation on which stands the basic teaching of coming generation. 

11.    The rights of Muslim women according to the Holy Quran shall be respected and protected by the state. When this right is not fully protected and promoted, states shall accede to the civil society to perform as defender that can ensure the protection of women’s rights. In the socio-political field, Islamic Organizations and Civil Society Institutions shall monitor the state’s guarantee to the full participation of women in all social and political activities, as well as in the decision making process.

12.    In this respect institutions of the civil society and Islamic organizations ought to be used as forums for individuals to participate in the socio-political life of their countries, and not just as mere forms of protecting the individuals against state repression or majority rule. We encourage all States to effectively cooperate with Islamic Organization and the civil society to protect the values of civil human rights in Islam, especially in protecting women right.

13.    We consider that women can play a particularly important role in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. Women shall be given equal participation in the peace process in order to establish sustainable peace. The unique perspective of women also bring alternative in the prevention of conflict, especially on the grass-roots and community levels.

14.     We further appreciate the positive contribution women can make in post-conflict reconstruction and peace consolidation. Empowering women in conflict situations would help preventing gender-based violence, and further maintain peace in the conflict area. We encourage all states of PUIC Member Parliaments to take steps and initiatives to advance the role of women in all aspects of conflict prevention and post-conflict peace-building.

15.     The unsettled political situation in Palestine under Israeli occupation, especially in West Bank and Gaza Strip has affected men and women differently. Many Palestinian Men migrated to the neighboring countries to work, while the rest fight for their liberation.  Given that situation, the role of Palestinian women has become very important in Palestine.  Women are the guardians of their families and take over responsibilities which were previously held by men, including greater role in taking care of their children’s health and education.

16.     We encourage all states of the PUIC Member Parliaments to keep supporting Palestinian women as saviors and caregivers of their children. We also extend our acknowledgement for the struggle of Palestinian women in defending for their dignity and their family.  

17.     Due to the suffering of women and children in the occupied Syrian Golan as a result of Zionist occupation since the aggression of June 1967, we also call on all States of the PUIC Member Parliaments to exercise pressure on Israel to force her to  abide by the UN resolutions relating to putting an end to the occupation of the Syrian Golan.

18.     We welcome the proposal of the Parliament of Morocco to host the preparatory meeting prior to the Second Conference of the Muslim Women Parliamentarians of the PUIC in 2012. We request the Bureau of the Conference, consisting of Hon. Dr. Nurhayati Ali Assegaf as President (Indonesia); Hon. Ms. Mansoura Hamid Nouri as Vice President representing African Group (Chad); Hon. Mrs. Khadija Zoumi as the Vice President representing Arab Group (Morocco) and  Hon. Dr. Susaningtyas N.H. Kertopatii in her capacity as Rapporteur (Indonesia) to submit a progress report on implementation of this declaration to the Preparatory Meeting as well as the Second Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians.

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