Palembang, Republic of Indonesia
7 – 8 RABI UL AWWAL, 1433
30 – 31 January, 2012

We, the Representatives of the PUIC Member Parliaments, and other distinguished delegations participating in the 7th PUIC Conference held in Palembang, Indonesia on 30 - 31 January 2012, generously hosted by the Indonesian House of Representatives, hereby declare the following:


Guided by the lofty principles of Islamic precepts on justice, shoora, moral values, and equality before the law and in pursuance of the Sunnah of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him, his family and companions) who practiced consultation (Shoora) with his companions, acknowledge the importance to implement good governance of the state by accommodating the aspirations of the Ummah.

1.    Reaffirm our dedication to the high principles of our faith which enshrine the values of peace, compassion, tolerance, equality, justice and human dignity for the Ummah and all humankind, and therefore, resolve to promote peace, justice, common prosperity and democracy.

2.    Commit ourselves to take further steps in strengthening the presence and roles of PUIC as a forum to voice common interests of Islamic World to the international community.

3.    Welcome the success of some PUIC Member States which have made peaceful transition of power and call on them to constructively support the ongoing process of consolidation in accordance with their respective norms and culture. In this regard by sharing best practices and lesson learned in promoting the world value of democracy, human rights in accordance with the lofty Islamic precepts. To safeguard national integrity and sovereignty, we strongly reject any foreign intervention which might be damaging both the national and international security.

4.    Determine to strengthen the union’s role in promoting cooperation among parliamentarians and contributing to the development of the Ummah. 
5.    Recognize that it cannot be denied that PUIC is often associated with more than one billion Muslims in the world and issues related to Islam, therefore, it is essential to promote a more inclusive, thoughtfulness, and united PUIC as the need of making a stronger union by accommodating countries that have Muslim community into the organization. Thus the momentum of the amendment of the Statute of PUIC shall be taken as a strategic opportunity to improve the performance of the PUIC. 

6.    In line with the need for a stronger PUIC, we reiterate our commitment to fully implement all the unanimously adopted PUIC Resolutions.
7.    Under the framework of dialogue, we emphasize the need to strengthen common understanding among religious communities to develop the sense of mutual respect and equality, as well as to build socio-political stability; also recognize that to expel the growing thoughts of Islamophobia and Xenophobia, inter-cultural dialogue particularly between the Islamic and Western Parliaments should be formally established both in an institutional framework and bilateral cooperation.

8.    Acknowledge that the inter-faith, inter-cultural dialogue should be used to promote the values and the principles of human rights including the religious rights of the Muslim minorities; furthermore, such forums should also encourage more peaceful interaction and communication among different communities.

9.    Mindful of the great damage resulting from disputes among the followers of the various Islamic schools of thought, and their impact on the solidarity and unity of the entire Muslim Ummah.

10.    Aspire to strengthen mutual understanding, tolerance and respect among followers of Islamic schools of thought in such a way as to contribute to the consolidation of bonds of brotherhood among Muslims, as they share the same beliefs and the same commitments to carry out the obligations of Islam.


11. Support the bid of Palestinian’s statehood based on the 1967 borders,   including Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its’ Capital and the full withdrawal of Israeli troops from Palestinian territories, the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes from which they have been forced to immigrate and condemn the Judaization measures by Israel towards the Al-Quds Al-Sharif. We also express our grave concern about the critical political, socioeconomic, human rights, humanitarian, and security situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, as a result of Israel’s continuing military occupation and illegal actions and provocations against the Palestinian people and their land. Demand releasing all detained Palestinian, especially the ministers and members of Parliament, for most of whom is H.E.DR. Aziz Al Duwaik, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Urge International Community to exercise pressure on Israel in order to ensure return of Palestinians released from Israeli prisons to their homes and their enjoyment of their legitimate human rights.

12.    Call upon all international communities to extend full assistance for taking necessary actions to regain the control of all Palestinian territories and guarantee the free movement of Palestinians including , opening Gaza’s airport, seaport, and its connection with the West Bank. In this connection, we commit ourselves to implement all related resolutions regarding Palestine, including the resolution on the issue of visiting Gaza by Parliament Speakers of PUIC Member Parliaments to express our parliamentary stands on the matters.

13.    Express our effective support for the Palestinian peoples’ rights to self-determination and the establishment of their independent state with full-fledged membership at the United Nations. Welcome the admission of Palestine to the membership of UNESCO and to seize this situation as a golden opportunity to attain full Palestinian membership at the UN and other UN agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

14.    Encourage the PUIC Member States and other international communities to double their contributions to UN agencies where Palestine is listed as member, toward collective efforts in bringing political, social and economic development to the people of Palestine, as well as to compensate the loss of aid from Israeli’s allies.

15.    Mindful of our endeavor to support the effort to sustain regional and international stability, strongly reiterate that independence is the right of every state and therefore, foreign occupation, military operation, and all kinds of colonization must be eliminated for the sake of every nation-state’s sovereignty.

16.    Call upon the international community in particular the PUIC Member States to support the global disarmament efforts with the aim to create a world free of weapons of mass destruction, in particular nuclear weapons. In this regard, we consider that the ratification of CTBT as one of our efforts in promoting a free-nuclear weapon world. We acknowledge the inalienable rights of every country to use nuclear energy and technology for peaceful purposes, including their policies according to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and express our concerns over the restrictions imposed by some states on international cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy and we strongly condemn the terrorist operation which targeted a number of Iranian Scientists working in this field.

17.    Acknowledge the urgency to strengthen the roles of women in all aspects of social, economy, and political life; recognize gender partnership along with women empowerment programs is critical for the achievement of sustainable economic growth and development; Assure that gender equality in the distribution of power will provide positive multiplier effects in the accomplishment of key development goals, including poverty alleviation and the welfare of children.

18.    Recognize that woman equal to man in terms of human dignity, and has rights to enjoy as well as duties to perform as stipulated by the Holy Quran and pure Sunnah. To that end, any discouragement on the effort towards women empowerment is against Islamic and human values. Therefore, urge the States of PUIC Member Parliaments to advance the national regulations on the rights of women and encourage all Muslim individuals to develop their thoughts and wisdom to acknowledge the equal status of human dignity of man and woman.

Mindful that our Islamic religion embraces the most advanced values of friendship, cooperation and solidarity; and cognizant that Muslims across the world share rich common heritage which can foster friendly relations among and within the international communities; believe that the spirit of Islamic solidarity and friendship provide solid foundation for common aspirations.

19.    Determine to strengthen mutual cooperation among Islamic countries today as indispensable step in facing the recent global challenges including the economic and financial crises.

20.    Guided by the Holy Quran which enjoins on Muslims, to achieve unity as stated in the text of the verse: “And hold fast, altogether by the rope which Allah [stretches out for you] and be not divided among yourselves…” (3:103), Express deep concern and caution about issues which are faced by our Muslim brothers such as: the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, famine in the Horn of Africa and the Dynamics of peoples in the Islamic world, the sustainable living conditions of Muslim minorities in non-Islamic regions, and conditions of Muslim women; Call upon all PUIC Member States to stand in unity in facing the aforementioned issues.

21    Cognizant that the promotion and strengthening of friendly relationship and cooperation among PUIC member states should be based on equality and mutual respect in compliance with Islamic principles and agreed international conventions. However, efforts shall also be exerted to support the rights of our Muslim brothers and sisters, which are minorities in their respective nations, to actively contribute to all their socio-political and economic aspects of life.
Palembang, 31st January 2012

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