Armenian Plan of change the Demographic Status of Nagorno Karabagh

PUIC Bulletin No.4 Winter 2010

scan0004A high level Azeri parliamentarian disclosed the existence of a plan aimed at altering the demographic status of the Azeri region of Nagorno Karabagh. In her statement, Dr. Govhar Bakhshaliyeva, Head of the Parliamentary Delegation of Azerbaijan to the PUIC and Member of the PUIC Council, stated that the plan sponsored by the Republic of Armenia is called “Reform to Ertsakh” i.e. (Karabagh).
The statement underlined that the plan wanted to increase the number of Armenians living in Nagorno Karabagh to about 300,000 persons although their number prior to the rise of the conflict was three times less.
The statement also detailed the dire consequences of the Armenian aggression on Azeri territories. It mentioned that more than 20,000 Azeri were killed, more than 50,000 sustained permanent disabilities and 4,000 have been held captive.
Dr. Govhar Bakhshaliyeva stressed that the Armenian troops destroyed several Azeri monuments, antiquities, mosques and cemeteries. In 1993, the statement said, the Azeri city of Khogali.
The statement further underscored terrorist activities launched by “Asala” Armenian terrorist organization also the lack of control allowed world terrorist to use occupied Azeri territories for trafficking in arms, narcotics and human beings.
The Statement called for action to halt Armenian aggression on Azerbaijan and to pursue efforts in order to solve the dispute of Nagorno Karabagh through peaceful means on the basis of international law.