The world between the "Buddha" and Al Quds

PUIC Bulletin No.5 Spring 2010

AbdullatifWhen a Buddha statue was destroyed in Afghanistan the world rose in uproar; rulers, scholars, the West, East, North and South, hastened to condemn the fate of the statue. Some even composed poems claiming that it was one of the rare antiquities which ought to be preserved and not to be harmed. The whole world rallied in a great battle in defense of the Buddha, his history and right to exist.
All international institutions, without exception, expressed strong denunciation of this event. Indeed all were vying to claim the first place in the race of condemnation. All this crowded in my mind as I follow up the savage and barbaric Zionist practices against our sanctities, judaizaing Al Quds and including the Ibrahimi Mosque and Bilal Mosque in the Zionist antiquities. But reaction to the Buddha and reaction to AL-Aqsa are world apart. In the case of Buddha the world was up in an uproar of condemnation and denunciation. But actions and aggressions against the Third of the Holy Mosques, which are taking place day and night, do not elicit even a whisper. The poet was right who said that living people hear your call but dead ones do not.
Despite Zionist aggressions, perpetrated under the very eyes and ears of the world, targeting Islamic sacred sites and monuments, foremost of which is Al-Quds Al-Sharif, which is like Makkah, in its position and significance to more than one and a half billion Muslims, the world remains deaf, blind and dumb.
I keep asking many times: Why the Western world is maintaining a policy of double standards although we represent a quarter of the world population? For a statue, irrespective of its position, the world erupts uproariously, whereas Al-Quds, with its weight and significance, the world is shamefully silent. However, I found an answer, which removed my perplexity, in the Tradition of the prophet (pbuh)who said to his companions:”Nations will fall on you as hungry people rush to their meal. We said, “Is it because we are few then? He said,” No but many but you will be like the scum of a torrent. Allah will remove from the hearts of your enemies the fear from you, and throw feebleness into your hearts. We asked , “What is feebleness oh Messenger of Allah? He said, ”It is love of worldly existence and hatred of death. ” I said to myself, you are truthful oh messenger of Allah Living in this life has indeed conquered our hearts, and thus we have lost this life and the hereafter. We have become lowly and the others despised us.”””
Yesterday the Ibrahimi Mosque and Bilal Mosque were gone, and today preparations are underway to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque. But they will not be able to do this, god willing. I could hear Al-Quds calling to us and saying: Omer conquered me and Salahuddin liberated me.  Who is with me now? Allah is with you, oh Al-Quds!
The pitch darkness of night shall be followed by dawn. Dawn is sure to come. I have no doubt at all that victory is on the way, through us or through others. Almighty Allah ways, “we will surley bestow our aid to our messengers and those who believe, both in this world and the Hereafler when the witnesses stand in the presence of Allah [Ghafir-51] and “When will this happen? Say:’ perhaps it may happen soon.’ [Al-Israa-51].
The messenger of Allah (Pbuh) says,” a group of my nation will uphold right and vanquish their enemies, and will not be harmed by those who oppose them except a little thing until the decision of Allah is made while they remained as they were.” They said, “Where are these, oh Messenger of Allah? He said, “In Beit Al-Moghdis and the surroundings of Beit Al-Moghdis.””
However all these good omens should not make us complacent and maintain inaction and silence vis-à-vis the violations and barbaric practices carried out by the Zoinist gangs until their plan to judaize and alter the landmarks of Al-Quds are finalized.  We, as parliamentarians have a huge role to play in moving people to action and raising their awareness of the conspiracies hatched against them. We must enact legislations banning the establishment of any relations with the Zionist entity and criminalize such move as the Bahraini Parliament has done. We must exercise pressure on the Parliament of the European Union, US Congress and other Western Legislatures in order to maintain impartiality on this matter.
In this juncture I would like to express pride and admiration for the Turkish leadership, foremost of whom is Prime Minister Reccep Tayeb Erdogan, for his honorable and unswerving position on the Palestinian issue. We hope all leaders will follow suit.  
Tomorrow shall be very near to those who look for it.
By: Dr. Sheikh  Abdul Latif Ahmad Al-Sheikh
Chairman of the Islamic National Forum Bloc and Member of the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Bahrain