30 – 31 January, 2012.

VENUE:  Ballroom-2-3 : Ground Floor Aryaduta Convention Centre, Palembang, Republic of Indonesia

1.    Election of the following Members of the Bureau:
1.1    Vice-President from the African Group.
1.2    Vice-President from the Arab Group
1.3    Rapporteur.

2.    Adoption of the Agenda and the Programme of Work of the 7th Session of the PUIC Conference.
3.    Request of the People’s Majlis of Maldives to join the PUIC as a full member.
4.    Request for Observer Status in the PUIC by the Moro National Liberation Front. (Moro National Liberation Front is observer at the OIC since 1977).      
5.    Request for Observer Status to the PUIC by Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries. (Subsidiary Body of the OIC -  Established in 1977)
6.    Request for Observer Status to the PUIC by Parliamentary Assembly Union of Belarus and Russia.
7.    Report of the PUIC Secretary General.
8.       Setting up of an Open-ended Drafting Committee chaired by the Conference Rapporteur with the participation of the Rapporteurs of the three Standing Specialized Committees (S.S.C.s)
9.           Addresses by the Heads of Delegations, Observers and Guests
10.     Examination and adoption of the Reports of the 13th and 14th Sessions of the PUIC General Committee (Council) and their annexes

11.    Examination of the Reports and the Draft Resolutions presented by the Rapporteurs of the following Standing Specialized Committees (S.S.C.s):-
11.1    Committee on Political and Economic Affairs.
11.2    Committee on Legal Affairs, Human Rights and the Environment.
11.3    Committee on Women, Social and Cultural Affairs.

12.    Nomination of the PUIC General Committee (Council) Members for the year 2012
13.    Nomination of 15 Members for the PUIC Executive Committee for the year 2012

14.    Nomination of the Members for the following Four PUIC Specialized Standing Committees for the year 2012
14.1    Committee on Political and Foreign Relations;
14.2    Committee on Economic Affairs and Environment;
14.3    Committee on Human Rights, Women and Family Affairs;
14.4    Committee on Cultural and Legal Affairs and Dialogue of Civilizations and Religions.

15.    Specifying the date and venue of the 9th Session of the PUIC Conference (submitted by the African Group).
16.    Date and Venue of the 8th Session of the PUIC Conference proposed to be held ın Syrıa (and approved by Parliament Speakers and Heads of Delegations partıcıpatıng ın the Fırst Extraordinary conference whıch was convened ın Damascus on 30th June 2010).
17.    Request by the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for re-election of Prof. Dr. Mahmud Erol KILIC as Secretary General for a second term of office.
18.   Consideration of the approval of the nomination by the PUIC Secretary General of His Excellency Ambassador Ali Asghar Mohammadi Sijani as PUIC Assistant Secretary General for a second term of office.
19.    Election of the Chairman of the General Committee for its next session (2012)

20.       Adoption of the Final Report of the 7th Session of PUIC Conference
21.       Adoption of the Declaration and resolutions of the 7th Session of PUIC Conference
22.       Any Other Business.

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