Agenda of the Third Session of the PUIC Conference

17 - 18 Muharram, 1425H (9 – 10 March 2004)
1. Election of two Vice-Presidents and a Rapporteur.

2. Adoption of the Agenda and the Program of Work.

3. Exchanging observer status between the Union and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

4. Report of the Secretary-General.

5. Formation of the following Committees: -

a- Drafting Committee (Political Affairs, Final Declaration and resolutions)

b- Economic Affairs Committee.

c- Cultural Affairs Committee.

6. Consideration of the Reports of the 5th and 6th Sessions of the Council.

7. Granting observer status to the Turkish Muslim Community of Kibris.

8. General Debate on the following Issues:


a) Al-Quds Al-Sharif, Palestine and other occupied territories of Syria and Lebanon.
b) Situation in Iraq:
- Restoration by the Iraqi people of its political and economic sovereignty and the reconstruction of independent Iraq.
c) Combating terrorism under the umbrella of the UN and reconfirming the legitimate right to resist occupation and foreign aggression by all individual and collective means according to Article 51 of the UN Charter and further documents and measures of liquidation of colonialism and racism.
d) Supporting efforts to create sustainable dialogue between the Islamic and the Western Parliamentarians.


e) The impact of globalization upon the economies of developing and particularly on Islamic countries.


f) Promoting Dialogue among civilizations, with special emphasis upon countering western campaigns against Islamic values.

9. Nomination of the Members of the new Council.

10. Election and nomination of the new Members for the Executive Committee.

11. Date and venue of the 4th Session of the Conference.

12. Adoption of the resolutions and the Final Declaration of the Conference.

13. Any other business.

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