Final Declaration of the First Extraordinary Conference of the PUIC on Lifting the Unjust Blockade of Gaza



Upon a kind invitation extended by H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Al Abrash, Speaker of the People' Assembly of the Syrian Arab Republic, the First Extraordinary PUIC Conference met in Damascus, city of history, Arabism and Islam, on 17th Rajab, 1431H., corresponding to 30th June, 2010 in the presence of thirty-one PUIC Member Parliaments. Having considered the unjust blockade on Gaza, in all its aspects, the Conference decides as follows:-


1.       Emphasizing that the cause of Palestine is the pivotal cause and the essence of conflict in the Middle East on which the Member States should adopt a unified Islamic stance supportive thereof against occupation; paying tribute to the steadfast Palestinian people, and stressing their right to resist for the sake of establishing their independent State with Al-Quds as its capital.


2.       Affirming the condemnation of the Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza by land, sea and air, considering it an aggressive and savage action that breaches all international laws and norms, constitutes a crime against humanity and poses a serious threat to international peace and security as well as to regional stability.


3.       Strongly condemning the gruesome massacres which have been committed by the Zionist entity through shedding the blood of innocent people on board the humanitarian aid convoy on its course to the besieged people of Gaza– this is intimidation, piracy and state terrorism on international waters.


4.       Requesting the UN Secretary General to implement the Presidential Statement adopted by the Security Council on 1st June, 2010, concerning the constitution of an impartial and independent international commission to investigate into this crime and to issue a UN resolution thereon

5.       Stressing the implementation of the resolution of the Human Rights Council on the formation of an independent fact-finding commission to investigate the violation of International Law following the Israeli aggression on the humanitarian aid convoy. In the same context emphasizing the importance of following up the Goldstone Report.

6.        Implementing the resolutions of the Bureau of the Israel Boycott adopted by the OIC and other similar regional organizations relating to commodities, persons and companies.

7.       Requesting the PUIC Member Parliaments to unify their positions through support and solidarity with the Palestinian stance on lifting the blockade and ending the brutal occupation.


8.       Appealing o all Palestinian factions and forces to continue the efforts to realize Palestinian national unity, considered as the essential and most effective weapon for putting an end to occupation, realizing the hopes of Palestinians for return, self determination and establishing their independent State with Al Quds as its capital.


9.       Demanding the UN Security Council to establish a special international tribunal to prosecute the Israeli leaders who committed the crime of attacking the humanitarian aid convoy.


10.    Forming a delegation from among the PUIC Members to pay visits to various international, continental and regional parliamentary unions in order to expound the reality of what is taking place in the region and the grave dimensions concomitant to Gaza blockade, and to mandate the President of the Extraordinary Conference with formation of the delegation.


11.    Forming a committee for following up and executing the resolutions of this conference, chaired by the Speaker of the People’s Assembly of the Syrian Arab Republic (Chair of the First Extraordinary Conference) and membership of two from each geographic group, as well as to mandate the President of the Extraordinary Conference to select its members.


12.    Appealing also to OIC Member States to adopt and defend the resolutions of this Conference.


13.    Requesting the OIC, the League of Arab States and the Non Aligned States to seek the convening of the UN General Assembly in the framework of (United for Peace) formula for the sake of lifting the blockade off Gaza


14.    Stressing that the Israeli decision on easing the blockade on Gaza is nothing more than deception and procrastination in order to prolong the blockade.

15.    Requesting the Islamic States and all peace-loving people to continue sending ships which carry medical and food supplies, as well as building materials for the reconstruction of Gaza which has been destroyed by Israel, and for lifting the blockade.

16.    Exercising pressures for opening all crossings for the permanent movement of persons and goods.


17.    Greeting and paying tribute to the Turkish position on the Gaza blockade; and offering condolences to the families of the martyrs; compelling Israel to pay full compensation, in accordance with international standards, for the victims and injured people; and liberating all the ships which were exposed to Israeli piracy and are still detained by Israel.


18.    Affirming that severance of diplomatic and economic relations with the Zionist entity is the most effective means of punishing it, and therefore requesting those States which have diplomatic or economic relations with this entity to reconsider such relations.


19.    Greeting and expressing thanks to the State of Qatar and to those States which have declared positions on bearing the necessary legal costs for taking legal actions against Israel for its heinous crime of attacking the humanitarian aid convoy.


20.    Affirming the implementation of the resolutions of both Istanbul Open-ended meetings of the Executive Committee on 14th January, 2009 and 10th May, 2010.


21.    Deciding that it is necessary to dispatch urgent humanitarian aid convoy to the besieged people of Gaza with the participation of parliamentarians of PUIC Members.


22.    Heads and members of delegations to the First Extraordinary PUIC Conference have the pleasure to express ample thanks and sincere commendation to the people, Assembly and government of the Syrian Arab Republic for taking the initiative to convene this conference, and also for the warm reception, generous hospitality and excellent organization.


They especially express deep appreciation, respect and gratitude to His Excellency President of the Republic Dr. Bashar Al-Assad for patronizing and paying attention to this blessed meeting.

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