10 May 2010,
The Second Extraordinary Open-ended Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Countries (PUIC) Member States, held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, on 25th Jumada Al-Aula 1431H. corresponding to 10 May 2010, upon a kind invitation by H.E. Mr. Mehmet Ali Şahin, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey,
referring to resolution No 129/4 adopted by the 19th Session of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in November 1967 which stressed that all the legislative measures and procedures taken by Israel, that result in altering the status of the city Al-Quds, including confiscation of lands and properties, constitute a violation of the international law are considered null and void, and illegal.
Reiterating its full and unwavering commitment to the achievement of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East with the establishment of a sovereign, viable, contiguous and independent Palestinian State with the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, consistent with the relevant UN resolutions,
 Stressing that the occupied Palestinian territories, which encompass the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including the city of Al Quds Al Sharif, constitute an integral and inseparable whole,
Confirming all the resolutions adopted by previous PUIC Conferences, especially the Istanbul Declaration of 2009 which affirmed support for the right of the Palestinian people to resist the Israeli occupation and the establishment of the Palestinian state,

Recalling the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, pertaining to the City of Al-Quds Al-Sharif,

 Confirming all the resolutions adopted by previous PUIC Conferences which affirmed support for the right of the Palestinian people to resist the Israeli occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital; which also affirmed condemnation of the repressive Israeli measures against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, particularly Israel’s continuation to build the racist separation wall and the unjust blockade of Gaza which runs counter to the simplest humanitarian rules and the International Law;
Referring once again to the resolution adopted by the IPU Joint Committee (106) on 14/9/2001, which called on Zionist entity to defuse tension, immediately withdraw its forces from Palestinian towns and villages, halt all settlement activity, desist from attacking civilians and installations, and lift the siege from the Palestinian territories;
Affirming that the issue of Al-Quds Al-Sharif is at the center of the Question of Palestine, which is the core issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the cause of instability in the region,

Emphasizing the vital importance of the cause of the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif for the whole Muslim world, and the necessity to preserve its Islamic character and multi-cultural identity and to protect the sanctity of Islamic and Christian holy places therein,

Commending the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli aggression and the unjust blockade imposed on them,

Lauding the efforts exerted by the Secretary General of the Union, and all the states, organizations and institutions, including the Committee of Al-Quds and The Islamic Development Bank,
Gravely concerned with the continued incitements of Israel against Islamic and Christian holy shrines in and around Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and its excavations and tunnels underneath the Al Haram Al Shareef and the Al Aqsa Mosque, and the areas surrounding them,

Further disturbed by the harmful consequences of such unlawful actions on the Holy City of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, which is being isolated from the rest of the Palestinian Territory through the settlements and the Separation Wall built in and around the city, and through restrictions obstructing the movement and access of Palestinians to the city, including for worship at holy sites,


Stressing the right of unconditional return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes,

Having listened to the interventions of their Excellencies the Speakers, Heads of Delegations, the Palestinian Delegation and the PUIC Secretary General, about settlement in the Palestinian territories, particularly in Al Quds Al Sharif:


1.         Condemns the continuing Israeli provocative and deliberate acts in the holy places in the City of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and other Palestinian cities and the desecration of sacred shrines, especially, deplores Israel's allowing of extremist Jewish groups to desecrate the precincts of Al-Aqsa Mosque, pray therein, and occupy the adjoining buildings,


2.         Rejects the Israeli announcement to include the Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi in Hebron and Bilal Mosque in Bethlehem and the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem into its list of heritage sites.

3.         Requests the UN Security Council and its Human Rights Council as well as UNESCO to compel Israel:


-         To apply the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Hague Agreement on the occupied territories as well as the immediate stopping of settlement.


-         To halt Israel’s violations of all international rules of legitimacy as well as its aggression on the sovereignty of independent states, its continuous terrorist practices and non respect of Palestinian Human Rights.


-         To abolish immediately the Military decisions made by the occupation authorities, number 1649 and number 1650 which threaten the expulsion and detention of Palestinians under the pretext of “infiltration” or “illegal residence” in the West Bank and Al-Quds Al-Sharif.


4.         Urges Muslims and Christians in all parts of the world to work together to protect Al-Aqsa Mosque, sacred sites, heritage and history, especially in the city of Al Quds Al-Sharif.


5.         Rejects the Israeli policies in the City of Al-Quds Al-Sharif aimed at depopulating it of its Palestinian inhabitants, changing its historical and civilizational landmarks, its Arab and Islamic identity, and to separate it from its Palestinian environs, and its erection of walls around the city, thus preventing Christian and Muslim worshippers’ access to their places of worship in the city Al-Quds Al-Sharif,


6.         Warns Israel that its intransigence and persistent defiance of the international community by establishing new settlements in Al-Quds will push the region to the brink of an abyss, as well as expose international peace and security to imminent and unavoidable danger,

7.         Urges the international community, especially the UN to compel the Israeli authorities to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy, in order to prevent it from implementing any geographic or demographic alteration in the Holy City of Al-Quds, and put an end to the demolition of homes, withdrawal of identity cards of Palestinian citizens, and the process of purging the City of Al-Quds Al-Sharif of its Arab nationals.


8.       Supports a global action plan for safeguarding the cultural heritage of the old city of Al-Qods which is to be strengthen by UNESCO’s reinforced monitoring of the developments within the old city of Al-Qods at an agreed time frame.


9.         Requests the OIC member states to join forces to work for the preservation of the Islamic, historical and cultural character of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and to confront attempts aimed at altering the demographic composition of the Holy City, in coordination with the international and regional organizations concerned.


10.       Calls on the Palestinian factions to renounce their differences, put an end to the state of division and continue the national dialogue to ensure the realization of Palestinian national unity, serve the sublime interests of the Palestinian people and strengthen their capability to continue their just and legitimate resistance in order to recover their inalienable rights.


11.       Calls for opening the land crossings as well as the sea and air exits of Gaza Strip; commends the steadfastness of the besieged Palestinians in the Strip, and supports all efforts exerted to lift the unjust blockade on the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and release the Palestinian prisoners, including the parliamentarians.


12.       Endorses all the contents of the valuable speech which was delivered by His Excellency Mr.Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Ministry of Turkey, in the inaugural session, and adopts it as a basic document among the conclusions and recommendations of the meeting.


13.       The attending Speakers of Parliaments, Heads of Delegations, and Members of the Executive Committee express their thanks and appreciation to the people, parliament and government of Turkey who for the second time have welcomed such a blessed extraordinary meeting, and also for the warm reception and generous hospitality. They pray to Almighty God to protect this dear country and strengthen its steps for the realization of further advancement and prosperity.


(Oh! Lord, make this country safe and grant its people a lot of bounties)