1.    Palestinian Committee held two meetings in Istanbul (Turkey), on 2,3 June 2012, the second in Khartoum (Sudan0 on 18 January 2013, chaired by H.E Dr. Emrullah Isler, representative of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey  with the presence of H.E the Secretary General and the Participant  of the representative of member parliaments include in the enclosed list;
2.    In First and Second Meetings, the draft resolution of procedure of the committee has been discussed, experienced some amendment and then referred to the Political Committee which intern  adapted it and to distinguished conference for adaptation;
3.    The first meeting reviewed the most important developments concerning Palestinian and Al-Quds Al Sharif, the issue of the Israeli settlements; the blockade imposed on the Palestinian territories as well as the issue of the Palestinian in the primes of Israel. The interventions and recommendations of the Committee Members stressed the decisions supporting the Palestinian Cause, emphasizing the centralization of Al Quds issue ; rejecting the Israeli proposal to make the city as a capital for the Zionism entity call on the international community to exert efforts to halt the settlement activities and confiscate the lands of Palestinian ; the call for lifting the oppressive imposed on Gaza strip and above all hailing the resistance of Palestinian prisoners along with backing up Palestinian reconciliation efforts and requesting to operationalize parliamentary diplomacy to mobilize the international support to the cause;
4.    In the second meeting, the committee commended the heroic stance of the Palestinian people in Gaza strip against the late Israeli aggression as well as the pig victory realized by the Palestinian resistance. It also. Hailed the victory achieved by UN General Assembly Resolution taken in its late Session which granted Palestinian membership of an observer status. The committee also, recalled the big pressure practiced on the Palestinian Authority, especially, freezing its assists, the urgent need to provide - assistance to the Authority and supporting Al Quds Alsharif citizen to enable them to confront attempts to Judaize the holy city and isolate it from the Palestinian territories;
5.    The meeting welcomed what has been achieved in Palestinian reconciliation calling all the parties to work towards the success of these efforts;
6.    The committee mandated the General committee to take the necessary co – ordination action to define the venue of the next meeting of the committee; 

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