The Speaker of the Tunisian Assembly of People's Representatives Pays Tribute to the Palestinian Resistance

The Speaker of the Tunisian Assembly of People

At the opening of today's plenary session, Saturday 2 December 2023, Mr Ibrahim Bouderbala addressed a message of appreciation to the Palestinian resistance.

His Excellency stated that today, we are still witnessing shameless attacks on the Palestinian people in Gaza, as the Zionist aggression has resumed its attacks on civilians, babies, children, young people, women and the elderly.

He added that this criminal act against the defenceless Palestinian people is taking place in disregard of world public opinion and its condemnation of the Zionist entity, whom the colonial powers are giving a green light to do whatever they want.

The Speaker of the Assembly of People's Representatives praised the world public opinion which supports just causes and continues to condemn the unprecedented brutality of the Zionist entity regarding the war crimes and crimes against humanity it is committing against our people in Palestine.

His Excellency renewed his regards to the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people, praying to God the Almighty to cover the righteous martyrs with His great mercy and receive them in His paradise.

02 December 2023

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