Speaker of Iranian Parliament: The Islamic Nation Must Fulfill its Responsibility towards Palestine

Speaker of Iranian Parliament: The Islamic Nation Must Fulfill its Responsibility towards Palestine

Given that over a fortnight has passed since the war crimes by the Zionist regime against the defenseless and oppressed people of Palestine in Gaza Strip, the Chairman and Honorable members of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly hosted the ambassadors of Islamic countries, and secretaries and heads of International organizations based in the Islamic Republic of Iran on Monday, 23 October 2023 and a meeting was held with the presence of His Excellency Dr. Ghalibaf, the Honorable Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, to help the oppressed people of Palestine, examine practical and legal ways to prevent the forced displacement of the people of Gaza from their homeland, send humanitarian aid, especially food and medicine, as well as support women, children and defenseless people of Palestine.

It should be noted that 31 ambassadors and representatives of the embassies of Islamic countries (as per the attached list) and 5 secretaries and heads of international organizations (ECO, PUIC General Secretariat, WHO, WFP and UNICEF) based in the Islamic Republic of Iran attended the said meeting.

In this Meeting, the members of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and also four ambassadors of Islamic countries (Ms. Salam Zawawi, Ambassador of Palestine, Mr. Naseer Abdul Mohsen Abdullah, Ambassador of Iraq, Mr. Hassan Mohammed Abbas, Ambassador of Lebanon, and Ibrahim Mohammad al-Deilami, Ambassador of Yemen) delivered their speeches.

In the final part of this meeting, His Excellency Dr. Ghalibaf, the Honorable Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, delivered a speech on the criminal actions of the hateful Zionist regime against the oppressed Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

His Excellency Dr. Ghalibaf, the Honorable Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stressed that the days we are in are very important and critical for the whole world, especially the Islamic world. Imam Khomeini once said that the question of Palestine is the first issue of the Islamic world. Today, we can say that the Palestinian question is the most important global issue. The world is now looking at the 360 square kilometer area of Gaza Strip, and I doubt that there is anyone in the world who sees and reads the news and pictures of what is happening in that area these days, but can overlook it. Such a thing is not possible. This is a historical test for humanity and I am afraid to say that it has not succeeded in this test so far.

He added that the events in the Gaza Strip have created scenes unparalleled in history. The people living in that land, along with their brothers and sisters in the West Bank and the 1948 territories, have endured unprecedented suffering in the past few years, which is unexampled even in the 75-year history of the occupation of Palestine. During this time, the Zionists have committed such actions in the occupied territories that you cannot find its equivalent in the history of the crimes of Genghis Khan and Mongols in the East or Fascists and Nazis in the West. We must not forget the situation the Palestinians were in prior to Al-Aqsa Storm Operation, and this great and heroic operation was a reaction to that situation.

At the end of his speech, H.E. Dr. Ghalibaf, pointed out a few points about the upcoming developments.

1. No matter how many oppressed Gazans the Zionist regime martyrs, it cannot cover up the historic defeat it suffered in the Al-Aqsa Storm Operation. The residents of the occupied territories realized that the oppression of the Palestinian people for many years has increased their resolve for and power of resistance to such an extent that they are no longer safe. Today, the illusion of safety has become a constant fear for the residents of the occupied territories, and everyone knows very well that lack of safety means the beginning of economic, social and political challenges, and we will definitely witness massive migration from the occupied territories, capital flight, and the emergence of political and social gaps.

2. In addition to an abundance information and numerous evidence, the public and official support of the United States of America, such as weapons, financial and political aid, has left no doubt that the Zionist regime cannot continue its crimes without the support of this government. Therefore, we believe that the responsibility for the continuation of crimes in Gaza lies on the shoulders of the American government and they should be held accountable.

3. It is impossible for men and women who have been wishing to be martyred in the war with the Zionist regime for many years to not react. It is not something that anyone plans or engineers. Even now, you can see that the flames are spreading in different parts of the region and soon it may get out of control.

4. The Islamic Ummah must now fulfill its responsibility. The world looks at you and me as it looks at Gaza. If the Zionist regime can achieve its evil goals in this war, it will not show mercy to any person in the Islamic world. The Quran has taught us that they will not be satisfied with us until we follow their religion. The Islamic world should fulfill its responsibility and the most important thing is that firstly it should condemn this crime loudly and not get tired of it, secondly it should use all its means to land a blow on Israel and America and most importantly, direct people’s energy released against the Zionists, which is now creating a great flood, towards that holy land. We explicitly call on Islamic countries to announce the end of the project of normalizing relations with the child-killing Zionist regime once and for all in response to the demands of their nations.

5. We call on all UN member states, especially the Islamic countries, to take serious action in response to the violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, approved in 1989, by the Zionist occupying regime in the form of massacring and injuring Palestinian children in military attacks, shootings and bombings, forced displacement of Palestinian children and their families from their homes and villages, depriving Palestinian children from the right to health and access to medical and therapeutic services, and the likes, and act according to the global consensus.

At the end of the meeting, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Department of Western Asia emphasized on the following proposals of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding confrontation against Zionist regime:

Breaking diplomatic relations between Islamic countries and Zionist regime; commercial and economic sanctions of Zionist regime by the Islamic countries; trail of Zionist war criminals including political and military leaders and commanders; formation of a committee consisting of jurists of the Islamic world to investigate the legal, international and criminal follow-up solutions for the war crimes of this hated regime; and to create an archive of documentation of the war crimes of the Zionist regime in the Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Unity among all Islamic countries and nations is emphasized by all the Islamic countries. Therefore, it is possible to reach a legal solution against the war crimes of the usurping Zionist regime by filing numerous complaints and using the legal capacities of the governments, as well as non-governmental sectors.

Ending the blockade of Gaza and sending humanitarian aid is an urgent action that must be followed by all Islamic countries. Also, the Honorable Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission emphasized the urgent necessity of the “Universal Declaration on Human Ethics” as a more important declaration than the “Universal Declaration on Human Rights”.


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