Final Declaration of the Emergency Meeting of the Speakers of Member Parliaments of the PUIC, Monday, 16 October 2023

Final Declaration of the Emergency Meeting of the Speakers of Member Parliaments of the PUIC, Monday, 16 October 2023

Following the invitation of His Excellency Mr. Ibrahim Boughali, President of the Seventeenth Session of the Conference of the Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States, and the President of People's National Assembly of Algeria, the Speakers of the Parliaments of the PUIC held an emergency meeting on Monday, 16 October 2023, via visual communication technology, to discuss the dangerous situation in Palestine and support the Palestinian cause.

After a rich and extensive discussion and exchange of views between the Speakers of the Parliaments, the following declaration was issued:

Based on the Statute of the Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States and the Charter of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and in compliance with the resolutions and declarations adopted by the Union's previous conferences on the Palestinian cause.

Following up with the utmost concern the unprecedented escalation in the Gaza Strip due to the merciless Israeli aggressions on unarmed civilians, causing thousands of casualties and injuries with the figures continuously rising,

Sympathising with the real tragedy suffered by the residents of the Gaza Strip are currently enduring due to the indiscriminate Israeli bombardment, as well as the resulting siege and famine that violate international humanitarian law, as well as the shortage of food, cutting off of clean water, fuel, and electricity, and the collapse of the health system, the blocking of medical supplies, forced displacement, and the systematic genocide of those displaced by the war,

Recalling the relevant decisions of the Conferences of Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States in its previous sessions:

1- We confirm that the Palestinian cause is pivotal for the Islamic world, and firmly reject any attempts to dissolve it. We will not relent or make any concessions on this issue until the Palestinian people have their independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

2- We reaffirm that world peace will not be achieved without peace in the Middle East through a just and comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian cause within the framework of UN Security Council resolutions and the two-state solution.

3- We consider that the primary cause that has led to the current explosion of events in the Palestinian territories is the repeated aggressions on the Palestinian people by the occupying forces, the failure of the international community to put an end to their suffering, the failure to implement UN resolutions and the disregard for their legitimate rights.

4- We place sole responsibility for this escalation on the Israeli occupation, as a result of the continued Israeli violations and unilateral measures in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, which amounted to the violation of the Palestinian people and desecration of their sanctities, in addition to the increased incitement and military incursions into the cities of the West Bank, the demolition of houses, the displacement of the Palestinian people and the expansion of settlements in the Occupied Territories. The elevated levels of settler voilence towards Palestinians, in view of the disregard and waning global attention, caused the Palestinian people to lose hope of regaining their legitimate rights.

5- We firmly condemn and denounce the brutal military aggression launched by the Zionist entity on Gaza City from 7 October 2023 until today, causing the martyrdom of thousands of civilians, and the injury of many more, most of whom are women and children, and the destruction of residential buildings, infrastructure facilities, health system, schools, mosques and UN facilities.

6- We call for the immediate cessation of the hostile war against the Palestinian people and stopping of all other Israeli military assaults, whether in Palestine, Lebanon, or Syria, and for committing to addressing the essence of the conflict, which is seeking a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

7- We firmly denounce and condemn the targeting of defenceless Palestinian civilians, including children and women, in a campaign of murder, violence and brutal bombardment that amounts to genocide and ethnic cleansing. We underline the importance of immediately stopping this shedding of innocent blood and the various heinous acts in violation of international law and the international humanitarian law, and the need to protect civilians.

8- We emphasize the importance of differentiating between terrorism and the right of resistance granted to colonized individuals fighting for their independence. We firmly reject any confusion between terrorism and resistance.

9- We hold the Israeli occupation government fully accountable for the crimes committed in Gaza Strip and for its policy of arbitrary collective punishment, which is a flagrant violation of international law and the international humanitarian law, and demand that it abide by its legal responsibilities in that regard, as an occupying power under the Geneva Conventions.

10- We stress the need to find a solution to the issue of Palestinian prisoners who are suffering in occupation prisons in tragic conditions that are in violation of human rights principles.

11- We also call for the perpetrators of massacres and genocide against Palestinian civilians to be prosecuted and brought before the International Criminal Court.

12- We strongly reject the occupying Israeli military's demand for Gaza Strip inhabitants, UN representatives, and international organizations to leave their homes and head south, which is a grave violation of international humanitarian law and puts the lives of more than two million Palestinian citizens and their families at risk and exposes them to harsh and dangerous humanitarian and security conditions.

13- We call upon all humanitarian organisations to urgently dispatch aid convoys to assist the Palestinians in Gaza under the banner "Save Gaza," and to terminate the unjust blockade imposed on the Palestinian population. We further call on the international community to work to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people and to provide safe access points to them.

14- We strongly condemn what the Palestinian people are facing in the West Bank, in parallel with the aggression against Gaza, where the rate of murders committed by the occupation forces and settler gangs continues to multiply.

15- We propose that the dangerous developments faced by the Palestinian people, in particular the people of Gaza, as a result of the ongoing crimes of the occupation, be included as an urgent item on the agenda of the 147th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and call on the leaders of the parliaments of the Union to support this item at the level of their geopolitical groups in the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

16- We call for the formation of an alliance of Islamic countries to support the Palestinian cause, and we call for participation in the formation of governmental parliamentary delegations to convey the Islamic countries' position on what the Palestinian people are facing to all parts of the world, and to work to stop the annihilating war that they are facing.

17- We call for the results of this meeting and its final declaration to be widely circulated as a strong message from the Islamic world to the international community, and for the commencement of the implementation of its recommendations.

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