Commemorating Burning of Al Aqsa Mosque:

Secretary General Stresses that Harming Aqsa Mosque is Red Line

Secretary General Stresses that Harming Aqsa Mosque is Red Line

Sunday 21 August, 2023, was the 54th commemoration of the crime of burning Al Aqsa Mosque by an extremist Zionist on a day like this in the year 1969. The angry response of Muslims led to the establishment of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC), as well as to all organizations of joint Islamic action.

This commemoration passes, as Al Aqsa Mosque is imperiled more than ever before through attempts by Zionists to violate the Mosque’s legal and historical status, as well as through repeated incursions into its precincts by extremists, including ministers of the Zionist entity, and desecration and closure of its gates and barbaric attacks on worshippers and limiting their freedom of access to the Mosque, which is the First Qibla and Third of the Holy Sanctities, and the Destination of the nocturnal journey of our Master Mohammed (pbuh).

While condemning all the actions perpetrated by authorities of occupation and gangs of settlers such as breaching the inviolability of Al Aqsa Mosque, the PUIC Secretary General strongly denounces the excavations carried out by Zionists in search of the alleged temple, considering them a danger for Al Aqsa Mosque.

H.E. hails the steadfastness of the Palestinian People, in general, and those barricaded in Al Aqsa Mosque, in particular, in the face of the criminal violations and aggressions by the occupation forces. He calls on the Islamic Ummah to stand by the side of these steadfast people for the sake of recovering their total rights, and establish their independent state, with Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital.

21 August, 2023