Statement of the Syrian People's Assembly about the Devastating Earthquake in Syria

Statement of the Syrian People

The PUIC General Secretariat has received a statement from the People’s Assembly of the Syrian Arab Republic following the devastating earthquake which struck Syria. The Statement demands the immediate and urgent lift of the unjust siege and unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people, and provide a helping hand and assistance to limit the effects of the devastating earthquake that struck our people in a number of Syrian governorates and cities.

Following is the text of the statement:

At dawn on Monday 6/2/2023, Syria was hit by a devastating earthquake that affected a number of Syrian governorates; this led to a major humanitarian catastrophe, resulting in hundreds of deaths, thousands of wounded and injured, the collapsing and cracking of thousands of buildings and homes, the displacement of a large number of families out of their neighborhoods, and severe damage to infrastructure, services, and vital facilities.

What Syria has been going through for more than eleven years, during which it faced a relentless terrorist war, and under an unjust siege and unilateral coercive measures we are subjected to, including the economic, social, health, educational, and livelihood aspects of the Syrian citizens. This unjust siege, which extended for years, has greatly weakened all elements and components of the local capabilities system, and negatively affected evacuations, rescue, relief, and ambulance operations, and the attempts to remedy the repercussions of this tragedy that hit the lives and properties of the safe Syrian citizens in the affected areas.

Based on the foregoing, the People’s Assembly of the Syrian Arab Republic calls, through you, on all member states of the United Nations, all regional and international parliamentary organizations and bodies, and international and regional organizations concerned with human rights, to assume their moral and humanitarian responsibilities, and to abide by the charters and principles of the United Nations, the Human Rights Charter, and what is stipulated in the articles of the International humanitarian law and exerting all forms of pressure on the governments of countries that impose and contribute to imposing blockades and unjust measures on the Syrian people, especially the United States of America and the Western countries.

Calling all of them to lift it immediately, support the efforts made by the Syrian government to limit the effects of this disaster, and take immediate, urgent, and effective action to extend an assisting helping hand and to break the unjust siege imposed on the Syrian people to overcome the effects of the devastating earthquake and this humanitarian crisis as quickly as possible.

Damascus, 9/2/2023,

People's Assembly

in the Syrian Arab Republic

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