Final Communique of the Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Standing Committee on Palestine

Concerning: Challenges of the Current Situation in Palestine and the Flagrant Aggression on Gaza
Khartoum – Republic of the Sudan
31 August 2014

We, Members of the PUIC Standing Committee on Palestine, participating in the First Extraordinary Meeting of the Committee to deliberate on the :Challenges of the Status Quo in Palestine and the Aggression on Gaza, held in Khartoum, capital of the (Three No's),(No peace, no recognition, no negotiation with the Israeli enemy) Republic of the Sudan, on 31st August 2014,

Hail our faithful martyrs who have fallen down in defence of the liberty and dignity of Palestine; commend the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance and all the factions who are hoisting the banners of pride and honour in Gaza, Al-Quds and the West Bank; highly appreciate the steadfastness of all sectors and categories of the Palestinian people, inside Palestine and in the diaspora; laud the mass processions which came out, in all parts of the world, in support of the just cause of Palestine, and condemn the Israeli savage and barbaric aggression on Gaza, in particular, as well as all the occupied Palestinian territories; also appreciates Palestinian unity and the efforts exerted by the negotiating Palestinian delegation in Cairo and their upholding of the legitimate national rights of their steadfast people; congratulate Gaza, symbol of valour and sacrifice on its bravery, steadfastness and its outstanding victory, ushering the horrors of war into the hearts of the aggressors, imposing the pride and dignity of the people of Palestine on the occupying Zionists, and forcing them to accept the terms of the recent understanding of the truce.

Declare the following:

1-    Stressing also that the core of the problem is the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the resultant bitter and bloody conflict spanning more than seven decades. Stressing also the right of the Palestinian people to resist occupation and put an end to the blockade.  Calling on Muslim peoples and governments to provide the necessities that enable the Palestinian people to continue steadfastness and resistance.

2-    Stressing all the resolutions and recommendations adopted by the organs of the PUIC and the OIC on Palestine, particularly the Fourth Meeting of the Committee on Palestine, held in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, on 11th June 2014, and the Meeting of the Troika on the Situation in Palestine and the Aggression on Gaza, held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, on 22nd July 2014.

3-    Requesting and urging all the OIC Member States to follow up and implement the resolutions adopted by the afore-mentioned conferences and meetings in such a way as to enhance and strengthen the support and steadfastness of the Palestinian people, materially, politically, diplomatically and media-wise, and to preserve their legitimate rights to establish their independent State, with Al-Quds as its capital.

4-    Reiterating our condemnation, in the strongest terms, of the Israeli enemy, and all the institutions, entities and groups connected with Israel as regards the launching of Israel's war and repeated criminal and terrorist actions against Gaza Strip which have resulted in the martyrdom of thousands of innocent civilians, including children, women and the old, and wounded and dispersing tens of thousands of other people, and destroying properties and the infrastructure, in a barbaric manner, unseen in contemporary history, and substantially undermining the regional and world security and stability. We also condemn Israel’s aggressions of the Zionist entity on Al-Quds and the West Bank.

5-    Stressing and demanding to hold Israeli entity accountable for its gross and large-scale systematic violations of the International Law and human rights, killing of civilians, perpetrating several atrocities in the course of its war on Gaza, such as forcible deportation, arbitrary detention, destruction of the infrastructure including facilities of necessary services, like water, electricity, hospitals, schools, places of worship and UN establishments, as well as Israeli targeting of the Palestinian economy and agricultural lands.  Requesting our governments in particular, and the international community, in general to take serious action to rehabilitate them and rejuvenate their activities and training their staffs.

6-    Demanding that the Israelis who have committed or sponsored terrorist actions, or those responsible for the wide-ranging deliberate attacks on the civilian inhabitants of Gaza Strip and the other Palestinian territories, be subjected to international accountability, because such actions constitute a war crime and crimes against humanity, according to the 4th Geneva Convention.

7-    Inviting the International Commission which has been formed by the Human Rights Council to investigate into the crimes committed by the Israeli Zionist entity, to initiate its work immediately in preparation for prosecuting the Israeli perpetrators of war crimes before international tribunals.

8-    Urging all States, according to their obligations under UN resolution No. 1373 (2001) to cooperate in the efforts aimed at getting to the Israelis who have committed, organized or sponsored the terrorist actions against Gaza and bringing them to justice.

9-    Requesting the international community, particularly, the United Nations, the UN Security Council, to act seriously in order to permanently halt all the savage and terrorist actions carried out by Israel in its war on Gaza Strip, in particular, and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories, in general.

10-    Demanding immediately to implement the recent understanding on lifting the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip, open all crossings to deliver basic needs and solve the electricity problem, rebuild Gaza under the supervision of the Palestinian government, and ensure sea fishing for the Palestinians in their territorial water.

11-    Requesting the UN Secretary General to take the necessary actions to implement the Palestinian demand for immediate international protection for the Palestinian people and their sanctities in the occupied territories, including Eastern Jerusalem, by way of putting an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Calling for wide Islamic action, at all levels, in order to ensure success of this demand.

12-    Requesting OIC Member States to urgently coordinate with the states of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), and the groups which support the Palestinian cause - in the group of Latin-American, Caribbean and African States, in order to make an urgent request to the UN General Assembly for the reoperation of Gaza Sea Port and opening an international shipping line to connect Gaza with the outside world, in order to ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance and necessary commodities for the civilians in Gaza.

13-    Appreciating the stances taken by the Latin American and South American States by rejecting the aggression on Gaza, and calling on the rest of the States of the world, especially European States, to follow suit, and abandon their silence vis-à-vis the crimes committed by the Israeli entity in Gaza Strip.

14-    Requesting all the OIC Member States to revive and energize the boycott resolutions and not to be involved in direct or indirect trade with the Israeli Zionist entity or with the individuals, groups or corporations associated with it. On the other hand, requesting extending support to the manufactured and agricultural products in order to protect them against Israeli boycott.  

15-    Also requesting all the Islamic Ummah, States, institutions, groups and individuals to quickly extend material and in kind support and assistance to the steadfast inhabitants of Gaza. Reiterating the call of the Palestine National Council for expediting coordination to deliver assistance to Gaza, together with the donor Member states and the competent Egyptian authorities. Also calling on the UN Secretary General to implement his decision on considering Gaza Strip a "disaster zone" by imposing the extension of urgent humanitarian assistance and services to the citizens of the Strip.

16-    Requesting the PUIC Member States to urgently and immediately convene a donor conference for the rebuilding of Gaza, and generously contributing to saving the people of Gaza, and taking action to dispatch medical and humanitarian teams to help affected people.

17-    Calling for energizing parliamentary diplomacy initiated by our Member Parliaments, and in this framework, requesting regional and international parliamentary unions to take practical measures against the Israeli Knesset considered as full accomplice with the Israeli government in its tyrannical war on Gaza Strip. Also requesting Parliamentary Friendship societies and civil organizations in the OIC space to play bigger role in bringing regional and international support and backing to the Palestinian Cause.

18-    Requesting the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to continue its efforts through its specialized committees in order to expedite the release of the Palestinian detainees including the members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and its Speaker His Excellency Dr. Aziz Al Duwaik.

19-    Affirming the proposal of the Palestine  National Council to include the recent Zionist aggression on Gaza as an Emergency item on the Agenda of the next session of the IPU which will be held in October 2014 in Geneva, and to gain support for the proposal from the other Parliamentary groupings.

20-    Expressing our commendation and appreciation of the continuous efforts exerted by the people, government and President of the Republic of the Sudan to support and assist the Palestinian cause. Also expressing our ample thanks and sincere gratitude to the National Legislature, and to the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Sudan, His Excellency Dr. Al-Fatih Izzeddin Al-Mansour, for hosting this pivotal and significant meeting, affirming our unlimited support to the steadfast Palestinian people, in order to realize their legitimate hopes and objectives of establishing their independent state, with Al-Quds as its capital.

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