Secretary General Calls for Standing by side of Muslim Rohingya

Secretary General Calls for Standing by side of Muslim Rohingya

H.E. the PUIC Secretary General Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass called for resolutely standing by the side of the Muslim Rohingya People who are exposed to the most heinous violations of human rights on the part of Myanmar authorities.

This appeal is made on the occasion of the passage of five years since the onset of the humanitarian disaster experienced by the Rohingya and resulted in the exodus of about one million people as refugees to Bangladesh in the wake of savage actions targeting the Rohingya in their homeland in Rakhine region.

The General Secretariat of the PUIC had organized the visit of a PUIC delegation to the State of Bangladesh and the Camps of the Rohingya refugees pursuant to a resolution adopted by the 13th PUIC Conference which was held in Tehran in January 2018. The visit took place on 11 and 12 September 2018. Besides the PUIC Secretary General and the Assistant Secretary General, deputies of the Parliaments of Algeria, Iran. Malaysia, Morocco, Sudan and Turkiye participated in the visit.

The Delegation made the following recommendations:

-Highlighting media attention and mobilizing energies of the entire Muslim communities in order to give prominence to the importance of this cause, as well as concentrate on the magnitude of the injustice and suffering of the refugees, and convey this humanitarian catastrophe to the whole world.

-Requesting the Member Parliaments to raise the level of coordination and cooperation among them in international fora, and calling for prosecuting the perpetrators of atrocities and violations, and bringing them to international justice.

-Enhancing political attention for the sake of intensifying international action to pressure the government of Myanmar in order to reach a political solution to prevent the flow of refugees, and prepare the atmosphere for the return of the refugees to their homes.

-Requesting the Member Parliaments to exhort their respective governments to extend further material assistance to the government of Bangladesh and to all the charity and relief institutions which provide assistance to the Rohingya refugees.

30 August 2022

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