In the Anniversary of the Palestine Nekba: Secretary General Renews Solidarity with the Valiant Palestinian People

In the Anniversary of the Palestine Nekba: Secretary General Renews Solidarity with the Valiant Palestinian People

H.E. the PUIC Secretary General reiterated solidarity with the heroic Palestinian people, on the occasion of the passage of 74 years since the Catastrophe (Nekba) of Palestine, upon the proclamation of the State of Israel, and the commencement of the tragedy of the Palestinian people on the hands of the criminal Zionist gangs, with the support of the unjust colonialist powers.

Since 1948 until today, the combatant Palestinian people are facing the most cruel kinds of injustice. They have been deported from their land to live as refugees in the diaspora. Those who stayed in Palestine are exposed to all types of injustice such as murder, imprisonment, torture, displacement, dispersal, the usurpation of homes, lands, properties, and desecration of sanctities, abominable racial discrimination, and denial of their legitimate rights to regain their stolen homeland, and live with dignity on their territory, and the establishment of their independent state with Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital.

The PUIC Secretary General calls upon all international parliamentary organizations and unions, as well as all lovers of benevolence and justice in the world to stand by the side of the valiant Palestinian people until they recover their rights, especially that the Zionist entity commits every day further crimes against these people under the sight and hearing of the entire inhabitants of the globe.

The World witnessed some days ago how the Zionist forces murdered, in cold blood, the outstanding Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqla, as she was performing the duties of her profession, in violation of all conventions and laws that protect journalists, and how these forces attacked the funeral procession of this journalist, again in naked violation of all religious and moral considerations of humanity.

On this occasion the Secretary General recalls the resolutions of all PUIC Conferences which consider the Palestinian Cause as the primary cause of the Islamic Ummah, and that is high time for the Palestinian people, to restore their complete rights, for the sake of right and the establishment of justice and equity.

16 May 2022

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